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Today I was watching a tv program* about a new game being released in Japan today called Robotics;Notes and since then I've kind of been enraptured by it.

The one to save the world is not a hero...it's an otaku!
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I started out really hyped about Robotics;Notes and at the end of the day I'm dying for the release of Rose Guns Days.

*I was watching NHK World which is pretty much the only thing I watch on an actual television. Of course something like Robotics;Notes wouldn't appear on any channel in the U.S. other than NHK. xD

P.S. I would write my impressions about Umineko but I can't really talk about it intelligently like everyone else on the internet. Basically, I LOVED IT and I'm still confused about a bunch of things but I'm okay with that and I'm an Umineko fangirl for life.  I hope Ryukishi07 will write another When They Cry series someday but for now, Rose Guns Days looks amazing.


One more week of break left T_T

But it's been a very relaxing break! Staying up really late and then sleeping as much as I want~ =w=
I went out of the house a bit too though; hung out with a friend and went to go see the Tintin movie with my family!

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For Christmas, I got Last Specter which I'm working through now. (I can't stay up playing it though because my brother insists he watches me play and he's got an earlier bedtime :/)
I also got the DVDs for Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2! <3 One of them is a blu-ray disc though and seeing as we don't have a player, I'll have to go return it and see if I can get the normal version.

For the rest of the break, I have a lot of work up ahead. (But no schoolwork! Miraculously, I wasn't assigned any homework over break! *tears of gratitude)
I'm using this week to go clarinet shopping!!
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Also troubling me is finding a third solo piece for this year's clarinet exam. There are so many restrictions I have to place on it and time is running out (my fault, for procrastinating so much -.-;;). A clarinet solo from the Baroque/Classical period, around 3~4 minutes in length, "advanced" with at least 3#/b and an unusual time signature is good, available on smartmusic, with a tempo from adagio to andante. (Okay, the last one is my own preference. I have enough fast pieces on my plate right now and I don't think I can handle another.) Mostly issues lie with length, and then there are some pieces which I can't find available for purchase. I've given up finding a piece I like the sound of...I don't think I can afford to be picky with all of these restrictions. Anyway, I've given myself the deadline to find it by the end of today (my previous deadline was to find it by the end of yesterday =.=;;;) so I should quit this now and continue searching ------> !!

Because release day always warrants its own post

IT'S OUT~~~~~!!!!!!

So this is instantly going on my Christmas list.
The release date just suddenly crept up on me because I stopped caring about new games when I heard they were being made for 3DS (cry) but I had forgotten all about this one! :O
The title bothered me for awhile, mostly because I thought the last game was called Last Time Travel, so Last Specter seemed redundant...and then I figured out my error. Silly me, too used to the translations of Japanese titles...but honestly I like Specter's Flute better than Last Specter...oh well.

RL: omgwheredidallthisworkcomefrom???
        oh and I fell on my hand Friday before last....nothing broken but it was really bruised...and it still isn't better and it really annoys me to keep using one hand all the time because I want to unleash torrents of curses whenever the fingers on my other hand go in different directions...moangroancomplain....
Fandoms: Watching Chihayafuru, Shana III, and trying out a few others this season. Check my list.

back to homework

I honestly believe that fandoms bring me true happiness

I started typing this while sitting outside the library waiting for my mother to pick me up. I realize that if I just start writing an entry everytime I'm stuck someplace without wi-fi, I'd probably end up updating more often. :D

I also noticed my last post was completely devoid of fandom updates so I guess I'll just put them here:

PL: I finished Unwound Future a month ago and just like everyone else, I absolutely loved it. It was also great because I realized I hadn't had anything spoiled at all! Every single plot twist was surprising from Don Paolo to Future Luke. As I mentioned before, it seems like all the stops were pulled out for this game and I think this is true for the storyline as well. I felt like this storyline had a lot more underlying themes and issues that connected with reality, politics and animal testing to name a few. There was a lot more depth to the story with the addition of these not so happy elements. It was a really interesting way to go and it brought you more into the story since you feel closer to their time I guess. All the cut scenes in the game made me really fangirl happy as well. I think one of my personal favorites was Don Paolo's past although the casino scene was great too! The minigames are a lot more challenging this time around - I'm trying to do all the parrot deliveries without getting hints from the comm. xD I think I'm doing well...4 more to go!
To sum everything up: This was my favorite game and I'll likely replay it many times.

Anime: D: If my calculations are correct, it's been an entire 5 weeks since I've seen a new anime episode. And by this, I mean I haven't watched anything except a few episodes of the NANA anime to refresh myself with the series since I brought home the live action movies from the library. The movies were pretty good - I think they paid a great attention to detail in set and costumes, but I still prefer the anime. :P
But anyways, I really hope I'd stop getting assigned essays so that I may enjoy some KnT!! ;_; I'm procrastinating on my English essay as I write this >.>

Oh! Also, I found an anime from my childhood: Oyayubihime Monogatari! Has anyone heard of it? x3 I owned the edited English dub movie version under the title "Thumbelina" and used to watch it several times when I was around 6 years old. xP I remembered it again just the other day and I had fun researching it on the Internet, finding out it's Japanese title and everything. YouTube also has the full Japanese opening and several of the original episodes as well so that was an exciting find! And of course, in the end, I burrowed around in our house until I pulled out my old VHS of Thumbelina.:) I'm so glad I didn't lose it! But anyways, lesson is: Investigate the fond memories of your past every now and then. You might come to appreciate them more now that you're older!! :)

I think that's all from me for now. I think I'll updating from school some time (during one of those lonely lunches when my friends are all at club activities), this mobile livejournal could turn out to be quite handy! :D

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laughing, YAY!!, :D

Self Esteem raise GET!!

Bahaha, don't mind the subject. We're learning about self esteem in health right now (my least favorite class btw) and now I end up making random references.

Today we had "Uncle Rowland" ("guy who founded the circuit we compete in" says the music director) come down and do a marching band clinic with us! This results in 3 hours of marching band and sacrificing a period of P.E. and part of a free period with a teacher I don't particularly like. I'll take that deal any day! :D

We spent two hours on marching alone. Mostly a whole bunch of drills where individual rows march at different paces so that we learn how to align ourselves better with those next to us, and then we did the same thing with columns so that we take notice of the spacing between the person in front and behind us. "Uncle Rowland" was a strict old guy (snow white hair, folks!) but he didn't really have a scary demeanor or anything, he cracked some jokes and when he helped you, he just kind of went up to you and made a remark rather than yelling straight at you. He yelled if it was the whole band at fault. :P He had an interesting catchphrase too..."Hoorah!" which is like "Hooray" (now that I see it typed out but he said it in a very amusing way) whenever we did something well. Also something slightly different we did was that we always replied with a "Yes sir!" to his every command. By the end of it, it was so ingrained in us to reply something back that when he said "Hoorah!" we all replied back the same thing without thinking. xD

The last hour we spent inside working on the march itself. We were berated for not having tuners and made a few changes to the march itself. I don't wish to be mean but it was pretty satisfying to see two 2nd clarinet players get bumped down to 3rd. One of them should have been playing the base clarinet part anyways. The other one was someone who barely came to any of our morning rehearsals. (She's a cheerleader too. I actually don't have a cheerleader bias/stereotype but my section leader does and it's really funny whenever we talk about this person because my section leader will never fail to mention her cheerleader status. xD) So now we have 2 people on first clarinet, 2 people on second, 3 on third, and the other 4 (new players) on the base clarinet part. We only have 1 real base clarinet player.

~ Among the first things Uncle Rowland did as part of our little workshop was to reorganize the band. I'm not sure what formula he was following but he'd move some instruments around, make us play a few measures, then switch us around again. Apparently it makes us sound different every time. Well, he's the expert.

Because of this switching around, the clarinets were moved back to the last two rows. :( Then, later on, he asked for one 1st clarinetist and 1st flute player to come up to the front rows. So we said goodbye to our section leaders and that was that. Then yet again, he called for one more flute player and one more clarinet player to move to the front. The whole section knew that of course we'll send our last 1st clarinet player up so we said goodbye to him. By this time I was feeling nervous because now our row was clear of experienced players -- all freshmen and one sophomore cheerleader -- so if we screwed up our marching...we'd really screw up. But then our music director called me up and placed me...right in the front, by the two other first clarinetists! I was so shocked and pleased at the same time. After all, I'm not the only second clarinetist, there's one more who I believe is equally good. And two other people have seniority over me (albeit one is a cheerleader, the other just started playing this year.) So really, by moving me up there, the teacher has acknowledged that I have skill to represent the second clarinet section and to play up there with my seniors, the first clarinetists! I try really hard not to be boastful and all, but this makes me overjoyed!!

No more clarinets were repositioned after that.


I'm in such a Layton mood right now...

But of course...Unwound Future comes out TODAY!! :DD

But I have to wait until Christmas for it because my mother wants to get it for me. She refuses to let me buy it myself too. It's because on Christmas, she never knows what to get me, so now she wants to hold on to the solution for this year...oh mother. xD

Obviously there's been an explosion of posts over at professorlayton . I'll probably lurk around the spoiler-free discussion thread while I wait for Christmas. xD
I contributed to the posts as well! :D The highlight of this week was traveling to San Francisco with a good friend of mine to attend the Ladies vs. Gents event! :D
My post covering the event can be found here. :) (too lazy to copy/paste)

Nothing else of importance to report...
so keeping in vein with the theme of the post...
I leave you with a picture of an authentic British phone booth. /random

Credits for pic go to my father who was in London for a business trip...last month? xD
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My day seems to revolve around birds...

I got a haircut today and while my hair may have looked like a bird's nest before (mother's words) it looks like plumes of feathers instead. When I saw it for the first time (that is, when I put my glasses back on after it was finished and actually SAW) the first thing that ran through my mind is "LOOK I'M A BIRD." My mom, strange woman she is, loves it. Well, now my nickname (my japan!phile friends call me Pii-chan) fits me more. :/ Thankfully, since it's summer break I don't see people I know often. (' _ ')b

On another slightly bird related note, I started playing Umineko no Naku Koro ni. \o/ I finished the anime recently, loved it, was impatient for a second season, and then decided to just go play the visual sound novel. (While visuals are certainly lacking, the BGM is great.♥) The translations are really top-notch too, so I'll certainly see this to the end. It'll definitely keep me busy for a long while.

Work is going fine, I'm still sticking to my half-day schedule. xD (I think I enjoy being home alone a little too much.) However, my summer doesn't revolve around JUST games, anime, and work -- I did something healthy and hung out with non-otaku friends last week! Yay~ We went to the movies and saw Letters to Juliet, a chick flick. I normally don't watch these types of movies but this one was really sweet and I enjoyed the evening very much.

Oh yeah, another important aspect of my summer which I forgot (purposefully, probably)....my summer homework. =.= I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday to buy my summer reading book so now I don't have a valid excuse to not start. We have to read the Iliad by Homer and......oh gosh, even the title makes it sound so depressing. It's all written in verse so I'm not even sure if I can understand it all....and then there are the 19 essay questions that need to be answered...maybe it's better that this gets pushed to the back of my mind for now...

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Hoping you're having an enjoyable summer~♥
flustered kobato


EDIT: Release date is Sept. 20th, 2010
*flails* This is my favorite game out of the entire series...and I haven't even played it yet!! It's just, Legal!Luke and that theme.....it's amazing. *_* I'm so excited I can practically overlook the strange title!!

And of course, the Japanese do it so much better.

And another random Layton thing I found:
^ It's really cute -- a Layton bento!! :3

And also, the english title for the 5th Layton game is out -- Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle(s)! I'm assuming the 's' is there because I didn't see it on a picture of the logo but sources say otherwise...
I wonder what's the big hurry...do they wish to release Eternal Diva here soon or something? Oh well, I'm not complaining at all. :3

Layton fans rejoice!!

Also, Random Curiosity (my favorite anime blog) posted their Summer Preview!
I'm going to check out
Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi
Kuroshitsuji II
Amagami SS

Hopefully because it's summer, I can actually keep up with a few! ^^ What will you be watching?

Idiots, Video Games, and a Blue Stuffed Dog

The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I draw a doodle of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Ahahahaha, that bit about "ability level" seems to be directed right at me. Anyways, I'd be happy to draw you something and I promise I'll put in a lot more effort than that "doodle" I have adorning my welcome post. ^^;

Now on to my original post!
- So weeks ago I saw the preview for the Winter Anime Series and brushed them aside with the belief that there wasn't anything worth watching....BOY WAS I WRONG! Baka to Test To Shoukanjuu (Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beings) is a real gem among all the (what I once thought) uninteresting animes of this season. It's a show based off of a light novel (though I hear they're pretty different) about a special academy where test scores equal power and students duke it out in Exam Summoning Battles for rights to better facilities. Class A learns in luxury while Class F can't even afford a piece of chalk for their board! The story follows Class F on their quest to secure Classroom A! The show itself is absolutely hilarious with well timed jokes and gags. For all the episodes out right now, I can't stop laughing!! I recommend this to everyone because it's one of those series that everyone can enjoy!

- Lately, I had a sudden craving to play Professor Layton. All of a sudden, right out of the blue, I wanted to play Professor Layton! I've only played 3 minutes of it before (last summer) and none of my friends owned a copy. So I did what the sensible cheapskate does. I scoured the internet for a ROM. Now, for some games I've found roms for them fairly quickly. But Layton was a real challenge. (how ironic) In the end I went through about 20 files (not kidding) before I finally found a working one of Diabolical Box.  And of course I'm tremendously pleased. I've been playing it as much as I can during my spare time (which I don't have enough of.) The struggle to get the game has taught me to never give up. It's also taught me that when I want to play Professor Layton and The Curious Village, I should use my birthday money to buy it and hope my brother lends me his DSi. :3
(I do own a GBA SP. I just download NDS games.)

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In just a few hours my school's winter concert will begin! So excited~~!