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One week of joy

maybe I'll attempt to organize things under cuts this time?
So, it's a rainy dreary Saturday and woe is me because I must return to school tomorrow. Of course there are about a million things I feel I haven't accomplished but had enough time to overall I am extremely satisfied with what transpired over this week. :3

Okay, maybe not at the start. And the start would be....I PASSED MY LEVEL 5 CLARINET TEST DESPITE THE FAILS AND EVERYTHING!!! \o/
I received a score of "excellent" for all areas (technique, performance, tone, etc.) except for sight reading which I got an "average." I think this is too generous because I completely screwed up the sight reading the first time. ^^; However, to get into honors, along with an excellent performance score you must have an excellent theory score to match............OTL  The passing mark for honors was a 92 while I scored a measly 89. I'm too ashamed to say what the perfect score is.  :/ Apparently I made some "stylistic mistakes" as explained by my teacher, or, "really idiotic mistakes" as explained by myself. I'm sure over half the point deductions I got was due to use of capital letters when writing minor keys. orz  I'm pretty anxious to see the actual test paper...no idea when it arrives.
To add insult to injury, I received the exact same score as my rival, in both theory and performance.
Well, we're moving on now and my teacher wants me to skip ahead and take Level 7 test....which apparently is at the level of a high school senior who has decided to do a music major. (Level 9 is the last, apparently college level) Since I've come this far I'm determined to follow through to the end! I'll work hard....after spring break. (My clarinet teacher gave me the week off as well \o/)

The next day I did the obvious thing for a person like me. I slept in late and then settled down to watch Summer Wars WITH SUBS!! I tried downloading it first, thanks to links given to me by strawberrykaoru but apparently my poor laptop couldn't handle it so I decided to make a dvd of it after watching it to see if it was worth the trouble.
I loved it. Such a funny story and all the characters are so warm and loveable. You really feel like Kenji...first among all these strangers and then next you're a part of their family, cheering them on.  I loved that feeling, that sort of "part of the movie" feeling. The slight plot twists were great. Although I still like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time better, Summer Wars is definitely worth making a dvd of. xD

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The last few days I spent updating my iPod. At the end of 2.5 hours of downloading, labeling, inputting lyrics and album art, I had acquired 85 new songs. xD Those will keep me going for a while~

 And now, just one final relaxing Sunday to spend. Time to prepare myself for the daily grind of things.