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From Stanford to London (sorta)!

    The dreadful monotony of doing homework and staying home for the entire summer was finally interrupted with the onset of Tech Trek!
    Tech Trek is a math and science camp for middle school girls aimed at encouraging girls to attend college and pursue careers in math/science related fields (because something should be done about the dismal numbers of women engineers in the field). The camp is a week long sleep-away on a college campus so that girls get a taste of the college experience. Unlike most other summer camps, girls get in on a scholarship. I had this honor myself in 2009 when I was the only girl selected from my school following an application and interview process. I had so much fun that year that I definitely wanted to come back to the program as a Junior Counselor (JC), one of the 4 high school girls that help out with the various classes and serve as role models for the girls.
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The interruption of Tech Trek also interrupted my "hard-working" streak so after I got back all I did was sleep, laze around, and play Professor Layton! I finished the main storyline of Last Specter sometime towards the end of June and while it was enjoyable, it definitely didn't leap over Unwound Future to take the place as favorite game. I think I didn't find the storyline as compelling and Loosha just came out of nowhere for me. But I must confess, this game was hard!! When I finished the storyline, I didn't even have enough picarats to unlock any of the bonuses. I suspected as much judging by the rate that I lost picarats every time a puzzle came up. Is it just that my puzzle skills are deteriorating or are these some of the hardest puzzles yet? As the fourth game of the series, I'd like to think the latter explains it. Well, it motivates me to replay the game to get a better score.
  Since then I've moved on to Little London...everything in it so adorable~ >w< It's currently exceeding my expectations with its variety of jobs, re"quests", and even its own mini plotline! I'd really like to try out the social club aspect of it so here's my friend code: 5157-9634-4086 Please let me know your friend codes as well!

Besides Little London, I'm paying close attention to the real London as the Olympics continue...but that warrants a post of its own so I'll stop here for now. after all I've sufficiently gotten into enough of a writing mood to make progress on my history essay

laughing, YAY!!, :D

Everybody loves Ghibli :)

A warm welcome to dreamdischarger  whom I met over at the Umineko friending meme. :) I really need to work on my "About Me" section of my profile, so unfortunately you'll just have to guess at my personality and interests as I post. I hope I don't bore you with my ramblings and I hope we become great friends! :D

Last Friday marked the last day of my summer "job"! As soon as the last kid home the entire staff went out for....linner? We debated about this a lot. It was basically "a meal eaten at 4:00".  Please enlighten me if you know what that's called. xD
I have to say, this whole experience was...amazing. I learned a sense of responsibility and all those standard skills...but I really learned how to interact with little children. I'm not used to it at all...it's generally something I leave to a friend of mine (when we're at Assamese gatherings) since she really enjoys it. So it was really weird to have kids calling my name (in all different ways due to the tough pronunciation xD), vying to hold my hand when we go for walks to the park, and running up to me with a game as soon as I arrived that day. Of course, all that took time (probably a month) for the children to be comfortable around me...no, that's wrong...for me to open up and be comfortable around the children, but when it happened, the days were a lot more fun. It really helped boost my self-esteem. :)
It also helped me to set things up like this. >:3
(With 3 singing, at least one should know the lyrics)

Afterward I met up with some friends at the library to discuss the Iliad (yes I finished the book!!!) so it was a while before I got home. When I did, I opened up the notebook I had been tallying all my volunteer hours in to add up the last bit. The grand total came out to be...

184 Hours!

So now I have one week left before school starts...:/ not even really. I have to go to school tomorrow, and the next day and the next, but THAT'S ALRIGHT! :D Because those days are used for the long awaited...BAND CAMP!! Well I'm excited because it's sure to involve music, my clarinet, and other instruments. (With those, it doesn't take much to make me excited. xD) However, other than that, I have absolutely NO idea what band camps are about. I just know they're ridiculously short too. (3 days can't possibly be enough! D:) I'm a bit nervous though...not because I'll probably be the only one from my school there, but because my dad will be picking me up late....meaning I have to hang around an unfamiliar campus in an unfamiliar city for half an hour while seniors come to register. /dies I should go find myself a nice unnoticeable corner...or beg the director to let me hole myself up in the music room (they're such nice places.)

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That's it for now, next I'll probably give you my impressions of band camp.
I hope everyone is doing well! :D
eh? *notice something*

Look at what I found! :D

Recently during the camp, we've been taking the kids to the local library (my idea! :D) so they can unwind a bit and hopefully learn a little something.

Since we confine the kids to the Children's Room and have to supervise them there(obviously), I didn't bother bringing my library card. After all, I've outgrown the children's room. (Yes, really.)
But I can just kick myself now because look at what I came across while browsing the children's japanese language section. (I was reading the titles for practice.)

afsgdhsgdhdhk Can I just say I effing love our library?<3

Sorry for the sideways pic, phone camera and all...

You know, I'm seriously considering to read this book in its entirety. I think it'll be great practice since I already know the story and the bright color pictutes will keep me from getting discouraged (and bored) because of a wall, erm page, of japanese text. The book itself is pretty thin too...It's perfect! 8D

So now I'm plotting to zip away as soon as I get off of work tomorrow and ninja the book away before dashing off to meet some friends. I would have gotten the book later today (during the time there are only like 2 kids left) but I found it really awkward to ask my teacher if I could run to the library and back....and even more awkward to ask my mother who thinks I invest too much time in this "hobby" of mine.

I really don't want to wait till Monday either...I feel like it will slip out of my grasp. XD

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EDIT: Well we took the kids to a different park today rather than the park next to the library so I had to give it up for today. I'll probably go pick it up after clarinet lessons tomorrow~  :D

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In which I review a couple animations

2nd to last week of my summer job! I think I'm really starting to feel the strain after weeks and weeks of doing this (well this is the 6th week. :P) because I feel abnormally tired when I get home these days. I can see it in my teacher too, he's a bit more tense these days. It doesn't help me that I'm suddenly very popular with the kids and they all want to play with me. I'm very unused to such treatment from little kids so I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. ^^ They're all little dears, just very energetic and stubborn. :P

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Besides that, all last week I decided to stop being an unsocial otaku shut-in and called over a bunch of friends. It was really nice since I hung out with someone practically every other day. The only downside was that I kept putting off my extra summer work (math :P) and therefore irritated my parents greatly. ^^; But I caught up in about 20 mins, listened to a 2 hour lecture, and it's all good. :D I should take care not to do that this week though, since my friends are planning to get together at my place this Friday.

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I basically spent the entire weekend staring at a screen and learning the basics of shading from an incredibly artistic and talented friend (via IM). The result is the picture is the previous post. /says no more.

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Expect another post to come shortly containing a surprise!

Originally it was scheduled for this post but I'm on the wrong computer and I need to upload the file and blah

eh? *notice something*

My favorite octopus is retiring...;w;

Though the FIFA World Cup is long over and people have stopped talking about it by now........I still need to give my two cents about it!! :P
I'm not a huge soccer fan, but I can watch soccer games (unlike baseball games....I can't tolerate those at all) and so I tried to watch the few knockout matches that I could. (The other games were held during work). I found it very interesting and fun...though I think all the hype about Paul helped a bit. I completely became his fan after just one correct prediction (and after reading his Wikipedia page). xD I don't know why exactly....he just fascinates me. *_* I was very sad to hear that he won't be back for the next World Cup, but thinking about it realistically, I guess octopuses don't live that long. :( I hope he has a happy life from now on.

As for why this really late post about it all? I was lazy? XD Yes, probably, but also I've been very tired these days. I don't know if the work is getting harder (doesn't feel like it) but I would just come home, turn on the fan, and lie around. I guess it must be the heat then. :/

So! Another thing I've been putting off...my impressions for the Summer anime season! Without further ado, let's begin!

Kuroshitsuji II
This was the show I was most looking forward to since I'm a big fan of the series (and Ciel especially♥). I wasn't really sure what to make of it during the months leading up to the first episode since it was to be completely anime original but since Toboso Yana was involved in it (even if only doing the character design) I decided to give it a shot.
The first (half of the first) episode didn't really sit right with me. I thought, maybe I'll have to drop this series after all? Then the mysterious cloaked man appeared and the moment he started speaking I knew all hope was not lost! xD (I surprised myself, I didn't think I knew the character's voices that well. o.O)
The second episode was alright. At least they showed what a stark contrast Ciel and Alois are, personality wise. I wonder if Maaya is still voicing Ciel? She should be...but sometimes his voice sounds off....or maybe I don't remember it as well? o.O

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
The fact that the opening is by May'n surprised me! I kinda forgot about her after Macross Frontier which is quite shameful since I love her voice. This song is no exception! As for the series, I'm enjoying it very much! I don't see much of a plot, but there's a full cast of quirky characters so that makes up for it in the mean time. Every episode is fun to watch! ^^

Amagami SS
....Someone remind me again why I'm watching this? It's not bad or anything...I've watched the first 3 eps. But it's not really interesting either. :/ I can't complain, since it's mostly fanservice for guys, but I was kinda hoping for a story in there...somewhere? Or maybe it's because I don't like the current heroine much. The anime is divided into arcs for different girls so....I'm waiting for one in particular. I like her because we have the same hairstyle. xD (First anime character I've seen and she keeps her hair more controlled LOL) See?
My hair is seriously that messy and curly. 

Also, someone should slap me and tell me I'm watching too many anime series at once! Aside from the above three, I'm still keeping up to date with Kaichou wa Maid Sama!, watching Clannad ~After Story~, and just recently started watching Ristorante Paradiso since youtube was broken on my phone and I only had the Crunchyroll app to use for anime. Sooner or later, one will have to be put on hold...I don't know which one. =.=

Random: I finished playing episode 1 of Umineko...I feel so accomplished!! It feels like it took me forever~ @.@ (24 days to be exact) I think the fun starts in the next episode though~ :3

Hmm...was there something else that I wished to say? I don't remember. So I leave you with a meme I found at strawberrykaoru . If you wish, please fill it out~.
I look forward to reading your answers~♥


My day seems to revolve around birds...

I got a haircut today and while my hair may have looked like a bird's nest before (mother's words) it looks like plumes of feathers instead. When I saw it for the first time (that is, when I put my glasses back on after it was finished and actually SAW) the first thing that ran through my mind is "LOOK I'M A BIRD." My mom, strange woman she is, loves it. Well, now my nickname (my japan!phile friends call me Pii-chan) fits me more. :/ Thankfully, since it's summer break I don't see people I know often. (' _ ')b

On another slightly bird related note, I started playing Umineko no Naku Koro ni. \o/ I finished the anime recently, loved it, was impatient for a second season, and then decided to just go play the visual sound novel. (While visuals are certainly lacking, the BGM is great.♥) The translations are really top-notch too, so I'll certainly see this to the end. It'll definitely keep me busy for a long while.

Work is going fine, I'm still sticking to my half-day schedule. xD (I think I enjoy being home alone a little too much.) However, my summer doesn't revolve around JUST games, anime, and work -- I did something healthy and hung out with non-otaku friends last week! Yay~ We went to the movies and saw Letters to Juliet, a chick flick. I normally don't watch these types of movies but this one was really sweet and I enjoyed the evening very much.

Oh yeah, another important aspect of my summer which I forgot (purposefully, probably)....my summer homework. =.= I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday to buy my summer reading book so now I don't have a valid excuse to not start. We have to read the Iliad by Homer and......oh gosh, even the title makes it sound so depressing. It's all written in verse so I'm not even sure if I can understand it all....and then there are the 19 essay questions that need to be answered...maybe it's better that this gets pushed to the back of my mind for now...

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Hoping you're having an enjoyable summer~♥

First (Official) Day of Summer Break!

Remember what I said about not having any rl friends know about this journal? Whoops. So, one knows (I've sworn her to absolute secrecy about the site's link X3) and she pleasantly surprised me this morning with a friend request. I told her about my lj in an attempt to lure her in...it's not working so well (she prefers tumblr), this must be the 3rd attempt...well allow me to formally welcome mallorythecloud !

Today was my first day at my first ever summer job!! *beams proudly* Well, pretty much my first job ever. I currently work as my clarinet teacher's assistant at his academic music camp. The 8 kids that go there range from ages of 6 to 9. They're all sweet and adorable, it wasn't much trouble at all! All I had to do was basically play with them in the morning, and help out during crafts time and such. In the midst of all this time, the kids are taken two at a time by another teacher who gives them individual piano lessons. So far, I'm only working half day so I don't know what they do in the afternoons, but since I'll be doing this all summer, I may switch and work during the afternoon half. Commute is fairly easy. I get dropped off in the morning at 8:30 and then around 12:30 I leave and walk home. It's a 1.3 mile walk which I covered in about 20 minutes, so I get my daily exercise too, yaay~! There are actually tons of benefits for me, since I'm working as a "volunteer" I can rack up those volunteer hours early. :3 Plus my teacher is offering a free lesson per every week I work, that's $33 I save per lesson!! Whoohoo!

The later half of my day will be reserved for kicking back, getting together with friends, anime, and extra studying for next year as per my father. I'm feeling pretty good about this summer!!

Random Stuff

There's a new Maaya Sakamoto x Yoko Kanno collaboration out. This song was used as a theme for...something. ^^;; It's another soothing song...I think it will grow on me since I'm not feeling very attached yet. Have a listen.

Also, I stole this from mila_gogo . I think it describes me pretty well. ^^
Your rainbow is shaded blue and white.


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Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Also, if you don't mind (I need to keep track somehow!) I'm going to keep a count of my volunteer hours in my summer posts. :3 (You can find the number next to my mood. ^^)