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What I actually did this summer

School starts tomorrow and so will the myriad of "How was your summer?" questions.
Since I'm terrible at ad-libbing, I prepare my answers beforehand.
Q: How was your summer?
A: It was really nice. I was able to really relax this summer. (<-- 100% truth.)
Q: Did you go anywhere?
A: No, I had relatives over instead, so the farthest place I went was San Francisco. (<---also truth)
Q: Did you do anything this summer?
A: Nope, not really. I did nothing. (<--not necessarily a lie)

But before I go around delivering the watered down version of the truth, I decided I should at least write down the full truth somewhere so that I don't start believing I really did nothing. To most people at school, I did nothing worth mentioning.
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laughing, YAY!!, :D

Why I love (recorded) lives

I need to start transitioning back to posting here. I actually post a lot...on Google +. It never gets on here because I post mostly fleeting, silly thoughts...the stuff that should belong on twitter, not here. But today I decided that once in a while, I will post such silly thoughts as this journal is meant to reflect how I really am anyway.

"was watching moumoon's full moon live for this month
and they were about to play their new song which I've been obsessing over so I was really excited.
...and then Masaki, the guitarist, messed up so they had to start over.
It was actually pretty hilarious. He kept saying "Wait, is it okay for pros to do this?" and playfully making excuses about guitar tuning. XDXD I learned that he's the kind to talk a lot to cover up embarrassment."

Clearly, this fails Twitter 140 character limit. 

The song I'm referring to here is "Midori no Michi" and I really can't get enough of it. It's currently being used as a theme song for some promotional short movies for a fashion brand. It's released on 12/12 and since I was having trouble waiting, I was really excited when this appeared.

If you're interested in their live, the video will be up for about 7 days from now. Then you'll have to wait for next month.
I really love that they do these live broadcasts each and every month. Not only is it a treat to hear the acoustic versions of their songs, but the intermediary chit-chat and incidents such as the one mentioned above really allow the fans to see what sort of people they are. Because they're not super popular, they're rarely on tv shows and occasionally interviewed in print. Since my listening comprehension is loads better than my reading, I especially appreciate the fact that they do these live broadcasts AND record them for later viewing for up to seven days. (I stayed up till 2 once to watch them live...but soon crashed after.) 

Just what am I talking about? Listen to moumoon's songs, watch them (recorded) live, and fall in love with them. That's all there is to it. :3

P.S. I'm kidding when I think everyone will love them. Their sound is definitely sugary sweet, so much so that it's probably unhealthy and would fall into the guilty pleasure category. とろけるチョコレートみたいな恋の味...

P.S.S. JLPT in 4 days?!?
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I have japanese class in about an hour....I'm unusually excited for it because we'll be witnessing a genuine tea ceremony! The teacher said it was alright to dress up....I totally would...if I owned a kimono. xD

Anyways, something that's kinda bothered me.

My peers have a strange fascination with Canada. They refer to it as paradise and everyone says they're going to move there when they grow up. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Canada is awesome, I just don't think it's that great. People talk about Canada like it's so superior, I can't help but interject sometimes with all the truths I've learned from strawberrykaoru xD. Apparently people like it because of "free health care" and because people speak french. (Yes, most of these fans currently take French as a second language.) As far as I know, only Quebec has all the French speakers.

Well to each their  own....but I'm starting to see this as a case of "The grass is greener on the other side" of the border.