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Idiots, Video Games, and a Blue Stuffed Dog

The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I draw a doodle of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Ahahahaha, that bit about "ability level" seems to be directed right at me. Anyways, I'd be happy to draw you something and I promise I'll put in a lot more effort than that "doodle" I have adorning my welcome post. ^^;

Now on to my original post!
- So weeks ago I saw the preview for the Winter Anime Series and brushed them aside with the belief that there wasn't anything worth watching....BOY WAS I WRONG! Baka to Test To Shoukanjuu (Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beings) is a real gem among all the (what I once thought) uninteresting animes of this season. It's a show based off of a light novel (though I hear they're pretty different) about a special academy where test scores equal power and students duke it out in Exam Summoning Battles for rights to better facilities. Class A learns in luxury while Class F can't even afford a piece of chalk for their board! The story follows Class F on their quest to secure Classroom A! The show itself is absolutely hilarious with well timed jokes and gags. For all the episodes out right now, I can't stop laughing!! I recommend this to everyone because it's one of those series that everyone can enjoy!

- Lately, I had a sudden craving to play Professor Layton. All of a sudden, right out of the blue, I wanted to play Professor Layton! I've only played 3 minutes of it before (last summer) and none of my friends owned a copy. So I did what the sensible cheapskate does. I scoured the internet for a ROM. Now, for some games I've found roms for them fairly quickly. But Layton was a real challenge. (how ironic) In the end I went through about 20 files (not kidding) before I finally found a working one of Diabolical Box.  And of course I'm tremendously pleased. I've been playing it as much as I can during my spare time (which I don't have enough of.) The struggle to get the game has taught me to never give up. It's also taught me that when I want to play Professor Layton and The Curious Village, I should use my birthday money to buy it and hope my brother lends me his DSi. :3
(I do own a GBA SP. I just download NDS games.)

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In just a few hours my school's winter concert will begin! So excited~~!

Summary of my January thus far...

It's a long weekend and I have the 18th off from school here in the U.S. so I figure it's a good a time as any to post what's been going on.

        I DID end up downloading the Kimi ni Todoke DS game and started playing it on the iDeaS emulator. The graphics are so beautiful and detailed! I took tons of random screenshots....however, I'm not sure how to access them. ^^; As for gameplay itself, it is VERY text heavy -- well it's not like I wasn't expecting that but I really fail at reading some parts. Luckily I've read the manga -- if this was a totally different plotline then I'd be screwed-- so I know what's going on. Basically you go through events from Sawako's point of view and begin to nurture friendships. These are showed as pots where you drop different seeds in for different effects. Example would be "Happiness" seed in "Sawako" flowerpot. <= I really have no idea what effect that does. At the beginning of each day, you can choose actions for Sawako which she writes down in her notebook. If you pick the right action, you get more "points" which fills up a watering can which helps your "friendship flowers" grow!  ......At least, this is what I make of the whole game.
       Anyways I'm going through the game with lots of help from visual aids and just when I thought I was doing just fine, the game starts to introduce more complicated actions via a tiny faceless human giving directions. If you don't do EXACTLY as the tiny person says, you can't progress. This is a fine idea really since you're guaranteed not to screw up during this portion. A fine idea for all well versed in the Japanese language.  ....;_; I have no idea what this little person is asking me to do! I try various seed combinations but nothing will please the little person!! Looks like I'm stuck there for now...

Going back over my "to-do list" for break, it seems like I've completed nearly everything! I finished Higurashi Kai which was simply amazing. It was easily one of my favorite anime series of 2009. I have yet to start Higurashi Rei however....Kai gave me a nice sense of closing.
Next on the list was "Watch a lot of Detective Conan." I did this quite religiously (or I'd have to face the wrath of close friend and obsessed fan) I feel quite accomplished to have reached the 200s! XD
My greatest accomplishment over break was finishing my Ioryogi plushie! Pictures are on hold since I'm trying to find a perfect place for the photoshoot.
As for arranging anime music....check! I ended up arranging the 27th Detective Conan opening "Magic" for aforementioned obsessed fan's birthday.

Currently the school semester is drawing to a close and so I'm quite busy with all the various tests that keep popping up. I'm very excited for next semester though since I signed up for Astronomy! I hardly know anything about the subject and think it'll be quite interesting to study what's out there.

Next week is our school's winter concert!! Since we only have 2 concerts per year I can hardly contain my excitement! Everyone has been working very hard! I'm just a biiit nervous though because this concert will also be my debut as conductor. XD Well it's only one song, I doubt I can handle any more but it's in 5/4 time, making it one of the more difficult songs. I'm afraid I'll slip up in my hand motions as I tend to during rehearsals. ^^; Luckily it hasn't led to any grave errors yet, but there's a first for everything...

Well, I've written quite a lot! I'll try to update more frequently and spare my f-list such long posts in the future.

Winter Break!!!

Hooray for the holidays! I have a lot of plans none of which involve any school work whatsoever!
My list of things to do~

- Finish watching Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, then Rei.
- Watch a lot of Detective Conan
- Finish sewing my Ioryogi plush (yes, the same one back from October -_-;)
- Arrange musical scores for anime related songs (mostly Magic by Rina Aiuchi and Naraku no Hana by Eiko Shimamiya

In the middle of all that we're going on a trip to Los Angeles! Yay! And the other time will be spent lazing around.

I'm thinking of treating myself to something for Christmas and I've been eyeing the first Tsubasa artbook...hmm not certain if I really will get it but there's a high chance I'll give in during a moment of weakness and get it anyways. XD

Magic Number!

Whoo! It's FINALLY out!

Of course I've listened to "Magic Number" several times (more than what is healthy for me XD) so why am I so over the top happy?
Some darling in the community "mameshiba" posted a download link for the ENTIRE single!!!    is only used to downloading specific tracks

Anyways it has lots of beautiful SCANS~~~~~~~
And hearing all the live versions of everything was great!
Especially "Poketto wo Kara ni Shite". The audience singing in that one is sooo cute!
Loving the intro to Private Sky also. Can't wait for translations!

melts in bliss and listens to Maaya all day long

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Ahahaha late post. If you celebrate it, hope you had a wonderful Halloween. If you don't....um enjoy my pictures? :3

So my school had a Halloween Day (first time in 8 years apparently) and everyone was really fired up and wore costumes to school. I have to say though, the seniors were the most spirited. heheheh v( ' _ ' )

I went as....Kobato-chan!
Not my first cosplay....well if the failures before that count as cosplay...but this was the first cosplay in which I actually sacrificed hours of sleep to sew (Ioryogi-san is the project in question.) It's actually the first time I have ever attempted to sew something (and without a pattern at that!) so I'm quite pleased with how he turned out. My mother hopes that this is my last project due to how many hours were spent on it rather than studies. ^_^;

My cosplay didn't go very well at school though...people called me an old lady. TAT Thankfully my friend (cosplaying as Cirno) was there to comfort me.  Despite everything, I enjoyed cosplaying as Kobato very much and would love to do it at a con or something!

Anyways, I felt that I couldn't deal with more unfamiliarity while trick-or-treating that night so I switched into a yukata borrowed from aforementioned Cirno-chan.

Me in the blue yukata, flanked by my younger brother and two friends who are a fairy and a pirate. First time wearing the yukata too...I hope I did alright. -_-;

Back view. My beautiful obi tie came undone. T_T

The night turned out to be very productive as I got over 150 pieces of candy. Yummy!
Knowing me, it'll all probably last till next Halloween. XD

sweet sakura

Hey! This is actually a good one!

Thanks to the recent videos lovelessinma posted of her drawing Kobato, I was able to draw Aria using bits of her style! I'm really happy with how it came out!

*is proud* Well I'm not sure if it's really Aria....it's actually a self portrait! XD But Aria really does have black hair. I made it brown in the welcome message on a whim....I should really change that soon. Anyway I'm so pleased with this picture I think I'll icon it and make it my default! :D

That's all for now.

I am still following Kobato. and Kimi ni Todoke but I don't think I'll post about them regularly. I'll most likely post if the episodes made me squee or something...like episode 2 of Kimi ni Todoke. That scene with Kazehaya curling up into a ball and hiding his face? The whole time I was going: Ka-wa-ii, kawaii!!!! :P

singing kobato

Kobato. anime episode

IT'S STARTED! kyaaa!!!!

I was up so long last night hoping someone would post a raw until I finally decided to go to sleep cause of school. :(
But coming home I see tons of links are up. YAAAAAAAY!

Anyhow, I have to get through all my homework first. -_- but I watched the opening...KAWAII!!!! I was so right about....the running part. XD And I was sure she'd be running through town....so I got the town part right...kinda...where she's in different outfits and stuff.

Anyhow I'm motivated to finish my work fast so I can watch it already! Ganbatte Aria!

EDIT: Looks like subs JUST came out. So I guess I'll have to stay up again to watch. ^^ It's okay, it's okay. It's alright. I just want to watch it soon and I don't feel like downloading raws and adding softsubs and other complicated things I don't know how to do.

I'm also waiting for subs of Kimi ni Todoke....I hope there is enough interest in fansub groups to do this one too. The opening for it is nice...pretty and mellow. :)

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sakusyao hug

The End of Tsubasa

or more like the "end"

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On a side note, here's what I predict the opening of Kobato. to be: Kobato twirling through the gates of her apartment complex and running around past all her friends. XD Sorry, that's the feeling I get from the op song (which is awesome). Haha, now I can't wait to see it so I can know if I'm psychic or just an idiot. :P

sweet sakura


*spazzes about the Kobato. CM*

OMG MAAYA!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Loving the sound of her new single. *puts cm on infinite loop* XD

Second time around I concentrated on the seiyuu. Kobato seems a bit more....erm, loud? But I guess she really is like that. She can't be meek and quiet all the time. Ioryogi's voice was just...wow. There's definitely a bit of Kurogane in there.

What the heck am I rambling about? GO WATCH NOW!