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What I actually did this summer

School starts tomorrow and so will the myriad of "How was your summer?" questions.
Since I'm terrible at ad-libbing, I prepare my answers beforehand.
Q: How was your summer?
A: It was really nice. I was able to really relax this summer. (<-- 100% truth.)
Q: Did you go anywhere?
A: No, I had relatives over instead, so the farthest place I went was San Francisco. (<---also truth)
Q: Did you do anything this summer?
A: Nope, not really. I did nothing. (<--not necessarily a lie)

But before I go around delivering the watered down version of the truth, I decided I should at least write down the full truth somewhere so that I don't start believing I really did nothing. To most people at school, I did nothing worth mentioning.
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laughing, YAY!!, :D

Guess who's going to Championships again...

and needs to fundraise upwards of $8000 to make it work...we do!

Meet OG-9*, not only a consistent cross-court frisbee shooter, but also a winner of last weekend's Central Valley Regional.

First regional win in the history of our team and I am so proud to have been a part of it, supplying fresh batteries all the way up to the finals. (Throughout the entire 3 days my electronics never had a single major issue...score!) All that build season angst and misery really paid off. (My grades still suck but I'm working on them.)

I'll put up a video of our robot in action soon...just waiting for a video of the final match to get uploaded.

*Star Wars reference because we arbitrarily decided our team would have a Star Wars theme this year.

OT: This weekend I had a concert with the school district honor band and my annual clarinet test. My embrouchure is in so much pain. ;_;

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Once a Bearcat, Always a Bearcat

  The first football game of the season between Kumaneko and Supekishi happened yesterday. I decided long ago that whenever this happened, I would cheer for Kumaneko because their band was my first "band family" so I really wasn't torn about which side to be on. (Marching Band members are automatically members of the Pep Band). I was slightly anxious though since so many people from Supekishi would be attending the game (and it's an away game for them too.) However, it does one no good to worry about what others think of you so I donned Kumaneko's spirited bright orange pep band shirt and went to go sit in the stands with my "family" to enthusiatic approval from my bandmates. Once in the stands, I was greeted with a hug from my childhood friend/current crush who found my position very ironic but was nonetheless glad to have me here. I think he was ominously thinking something along the lines of "You'll never escape from this school~" ^^;;;

  I don't care for football at all. That being said, the game was really fun. It was the first time this year that I got to spend so much time with all of my band friends, and playing at a football game too so it was very nostalgic. My fears were not ungrounded though. Several times throughout the game, Supekishi students would come over to the Kumaneko side to meet their friends and as they were saying hello to their band friends, they'd spot me sitting amongst them. xD Then there was the initial reaction of confusion and then outrage, levels varying depending on the person. I found it all very hilarious and entertaining actually. Especially this one guy from my history class. Three separate times throughout the game, he'd come over to the Kumaneko stands and start yelling at me for "being on the wrong side" and calling me a "traitor" and such. I found it all very amusing, to tell the truth. In the end, he came to the conclusion that I was playing for the pep band so that I could get into the game for free. The truth is, I could care less about school politics and pride, all I want to do is play my clarinet. :x

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laughing, YAY!!, :D

The Happiest Place on Earth

I think they must spray something in the air at Disneyland because the whole entire weekend, I couldn’t stop laughing, randomly singing, and being hyper all the time. It’s like being drunk on happiness. I was very sad when it was time to go home, feeling as if our time there was short and my Dad just scoffed at me, asking “What’s so great about an amusement park like that?” I had the same feelings before the trip as well. I wasn’t a major Disney fan like most others, had an extreme fright of rollercoasters, and had been to Disneyland twice before. I believe what wrought such a change over me was the simple fact that this time, I visited with friends. ♥ 

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very quick! >.

Ahh right after LJ settles down a bit after those...server attacks/issues, I don't have much time to post anything!! T_T (The problems happened during my spring break, so whenever I wanted to go on LJ it told me the site was down. -.-)

Spring break was pretty uneventful though - I slept a lot, read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, studied math (aldfjalskdf I hated this part of break), and played with my brother who seemed to be stuck to me with glue (this got very annoying, fast.) I did get to meet up with some friends a few times so that part was good. :)

But anyways, I'm disappointed that I don't have much time to write because I should be packing!! Tomorrow, our marching band (along with orchestra, symphonic band, and jazz band) is taking a trip to Disneyland!! :D We'll be gone for 4 days (missing 2 days of school heheheh) and get to spend 2 days at the park! We'll be performing a bit, but other than that we just get to play around! I'm so excited~~.

Well, at least now you're guaranteed plenty of content for the next post. xD I'll try to take lots of pictures too!

P.S. We have to get to school tomorrow at 5:30am in order to depart. (The travel time itself is 8 hours since we're going by bus.) >.< I want my sleeep~~~

Ramblings in this Confusing Time

Warning: This won't be a well organized entry considering it's pretty late at night and I'd save this for tomorrow but then I'll keep doing that and these thoughts will never get written down. I should make a goal to post once a day or something.

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go to sleep aria!!! D:<

I honestly believe that fandoms bring me true happiness

I started typing this while sitting outside the library waiting for my mother to pick me up. I realize that if I just start writing an entry everytime I'm stuck someplace without wi-fi, I'd probably end up updating more often. :D

I also noticed my last post was completely devoid of fandom updates so I guess I'll just put them here:

PL: I finished Unwound Future a month ago and just like everyone else, I absolutely loved it. It was also great because I realized I hadn't had anything spoiled at all! Every single plot twist was surprising from Don Paolo to Future Luke. As I mentioned before, it seems like all the stops were pulled out for this game and I think this is true for the storyline as well. I felt like this storyline had a lot more underlying themes and issues that connected with reality, politics and animal testing to name a few. There was a lot more depth to the story with the addition of these not so happy elements. It was a really interesting way to go and it brought you more into the story since you feel closer to their time I guess. All the cut scenes in the game made me really fangirl happy as well. I think one of my personal favorites was Don Paolo's past although the casino scene was great too! The minigames are a lot more challenging this time around - I'm trying to do all the parrot deliveries without getting hints from the comm. xD I think I'm doing well...4 more to go!
To sum everything up: This was my favorite game and I'll likely replay it many times.

Anime: D: If my calculations are correct, it's been an entire 5 weeks since I've seen a new anime episode. And by this, I mean I haven't watched anything except a few episodes of the NANA anime to refresh myself with the series since I brought home the live action movies from the library. The movies were pretty good - I think they paid a great attention to detail in set and costumes, but I still prefer the anime. :P
But anyways, I really hope I'd stop getting assigned essays so that I may enjoy some KnT!! ;_; I'm procrastinating on my English essay as I write this >.>

Oh! Also, I found an anime from my childhood: Oyayubihime Monogatari! Has anyone heard of it? x3 I owned the edited English dub movie version under the title "Thumbelina" and used to watch it several times when I was around 6 years old. xP I remembered it again just the other day and I had fun researching it on the Internet, finding out it's Japanese title and everything. YouTube also has the full Japanese opening and several of the original episodes as well so that was an exciting find! And of course, in the end, I burrowed around in our house until I pulled out my old VHS of Thumbelina.:) I'm so glad I didn't lose it! But anyways, lesson is: Investigate the fond memories of your past every now and then. You might come to appreciate them more now that you're older!! :)

I think that's all from me for now. I think I'll updating from school some time (during one of those lonely lunches when my friends are all at club activities), this mobile livejournal could turn out to be quite handy! :D

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The last message of one who ventures into NaNo land...

...actually that subject line is most likely false. I'll probably update here as per normal during November because I can't imagine throwing myself into "literary abandon", at least, not the first time. xD BUT OMG IT STARTS TOMORROW!! :O

Anyways, I felt obliged to tell you my tea ceremony experience of this past Tuesday. :)

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Last bit of what I want to say: I'm meeting up with friends who went to different schools later and I'm really excited!! We'll all go trick-or-treating later in the evening; I'm dressing up as a tree. :P (I've sewn leaves onto my jacket and everything!) So all that's left is to wish you all a very
Happy Halloween!~

I'm in such a Layton mood right now...

But of course...Unwound Future comes out TODAY!! :DD

But I have to wait until Christmas for it because my mother wants to get it for me. She refuses to let me buy it myself too. It's because on Christmas, she never knows what to get me, so now she wants to hold on to the solution for this year...oh mother. xD

Obviously there's been an explosion of posts over at professorlayton . I'll probably lurk around the spoiler-free discussion thread while I wait for Christmas. xD
I contributed to the posts as well! :D The highlight of this week was traveling to San Francisco with a good friend of mine to attend the Ladies vs. Gents event! :D
My post covering the event can be found here. :) (too lazy to copy/paste)

Nothing else of importance to report...
so keeping in vein with the theme of the post...
I leave you with a picture of an authentic British phone booth. /random

Credits for pic go to my father who was in London for a business trip...last month? xD
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I have bits of turf on my bed...

...because they clung to my clothes from the field, not letting me forget the past 3 days so soon...

Ignore the parts under the cuts if you wish to avoid me being extremely childish and biased. ;)

Today was, by far, the best day of band camp!! :D

But first, the mandatory description of orientation.
It....was anything but fun. But maybe because I've had this deep hate for the school smoldering within me and having a bunch of upperclassmen wearing school colors and singing the school cheer at every opportunity is not helping much...at all.

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For future reference: Our school colors are orange and black
Also for future reference: I don't intend on wearing those colors often. Which sucks because orange is my favorite color....I think I'll just wear orange on those non-spirit days. Why do I need a school telling me what color to wear? psh.

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I rushed over as soon as I could get away and found everyone at the field. Only two other people came with me. The rest bailed. So we had a nice little section of about 5 people compared to....8? Well make that 4 because a newbie that actually came had to leave early. But then we had a member from the Percussion (junior/senior??) section voluntarily come over and we had 5 people again! :) We only had to modify our field routine slightly but everything still worked out. After practicing for a bit, the whole band got together and each section performed. Of course the skill level varied depending on if each group had any new marchers or not but I think our routine was pretty nice. I hope we gained some points with our silly ending pose!

Afterward we had the Band Olympics! There were several different events that we competed in as sections and received points for. There was a time limit of 3 minutes for each event. These points would be totaled up and added to our points from the field routine and the group with the overall amount is the winner. The events (which don't have official names so I'm making them up) were:

Shoe Toss: Members lie down and kick off their shoes while one person tries to catch them all in a bucket.
Orange Pass: Members pass around a cold orange...using only their necks. Yes, this one can look extremely awkward most of the time.
Disney Trivia: Title is straightforward yes? The band director asks us various questions about Disney movies and Disneyland. I was able to contribute a few points here. :) We got 10 out of 20. XP
Under the Legs: Members form a tunnel with their legs spread apart and members continuously scramble through the tunnel.
Lifesaver on a Toothpick: Members hold a toothpick in their mouths and try to pass the inner-tube shaped candy between toothpicks. Results in very awkward and intimate looking poses as mouths get dangerously close. XDXD
The "Trombone" One because I honestly don't know what to call it: A relay race. Members must first grip a trombone and spin around it 8 times, then attempt to run in a straight line towards a shoe which you pick up and run back to the start with. Only after you pass the line may the next person start spinning. My head still hurts from this one.

...and that's it! I had SO much fun doing all this, I wouldn't even be able to believe how much fun I'd have 2 days ago. All these really brought us together as a team section and I feel as if I know everyone really well now. I was able to participate in random games (during break time) normally. Basically, I really felt like I fit in here. :)

In the end, the clarinets didn't rank at all. Low Brass section took first, Percussion second, and Flutes third. Of course, to us, clarinets are still the best! ;)

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P.S. I'm leaving for a small pre-school vacation tomorrow so I won't be able to access LJ for a few days.
P.S.S. I have not yet learned a band command that involves counting up to 3. xD