Build Season Update

Waiting on the part drawings to be completed so that we can start machining...I have nothing to do right now. xD;;

Here, have a look at prototypes of the ball shooter instead.


In other news, I made it into my district honor band. :) It was one of my high school goals to participate so I'm very pleased. I may also play with the orchestra for a piece.

Hope everyone is well~

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Build Season スタート!!

Did I ever mention that I love my school because it starts an hour later every Wednesday? Free time~! ♥

I'm not sure if I made any mention of this (this is why people post more;;;) but I'm on my school's robotics team. I actually know nothing about robotics but I can work with a computer and I enjoy technology so I thought I'd be better suited for it than say, a sport. xD Ironically, I joined the electronics subsection so I'm really not working with computers at all.

Anyway, for 3 months before the winter break I went through "newbie training" which essentially consisted of recieving a bunch of parts and assembling a robot out of them with your group. The end result should be able to navigate an obstacle course faster than the other newbie team's robot. Since we had some more experienced newbies on our team + luck, we ended up winning the mock competition. ^_^

Now go back 4 days ago. The reason we have a robotics team is so that we can participate in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Every year, the FRC committee makes up a game/playing field and then thousands of high schools all over the nation get 6 weeks to build a robot that can play the game and hopefully win. This year's game is called Rebound Rumble (please search it on YouTube), which is a modified version of basketball. The game was released 4 days ago on January 7th, kickoff date. This also signals the start of the 6 weeks of build season. What this means for us is that we get to spend the next 6 weeks working after school until 7pm.
School just started yesterday so I'm kind of worried how I'm going to balance the two, but if the other people on the team can do it then so can I! I'm thankful that there is no marching band in the winter so I can be spared from 12 hour school days.

Still 20 minutes before school starts! Maybe I should make it a point to post on Wednesdays...

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One more week of break left T_T

But it's been a very relaxing break! Staying up really late and then sleeping as much as I want~ =w=
I went out of the house a bit too though; hung out with a friend and went to go see the Tintin movie with my family!

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For Christmas, I got Last Specter which I'm working through now. (I can't stay up playing it though because my brother insists he watches me play and he's got an earlier bedtime :/)
I also got the DVDs for Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2! <3 One of them is a blu-ray disc though and seeing as we don't have a player, I'll have to go return it and see if I can get the normal version.

For the rest of the break, I have a lot of work up ahead. (But no schoolwork! Miraculously, I wasn't assigned any homework over break! *tears of gratitude)
I'm using this week to go clarinet shopping!!
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Also troubling me is finding a third solo piece for this year's clarinet exam. There are so many restrictions I have to place on it and time is running out (my fault, for procrastinating so much -.-;;). A clarinet solo from the Baroque/Classical period, around 3~4 minutes in length, "advanced" with at least 3#/b and an unusual time signature is good, available on smartmusic, with a tempo from adagio to andante. (Okay, the last one is my own preference. I have enough fast pieces on my plate right now and I don't think I can handle another.) Mostly issues lie with length, and then there are some pieces which I can't find available for purchase. I've given up finding a piece I like the sound of...I don't think I can afford to be picky with all of these restrictions. Anyway, I've given myself the deadline to find it by the end of today (my previous deadline was to find it by the end of yesterday =.=;;;) so I should quit this now and continue searching ------> !!
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Goodbye to 2011

Ahh, being in PST means we're among the last to welcome the new year (we beat Hawaii by one hour though) so as soon as I got up I sent my new year greetings to friends in Japan...they'll probably read them by January 2nd though ;;

Let's see, 2011...I liked this year. My peers seemed to think it was terrible and while many unfortunate things happened (off the top of my head, Tohoku earthquake), a lot of hopeful events happened as well (Arab Spring).

Personally, I think I was very lazy this year. XD;; When I try to list my accomplishments all I can think of is skipping a year of Japanese, miraculously passing my level 6 clarinet exam, maintaining my 4.0 (hopefully? report cards come out in a few weeks), and my first confession to a boy (rejected, but still best friends so it's all good.)
So rather than in terms of achievements, I think its mainly the experiences I had that made this year enjoyable: attending Winter Formal with my friends, my first band tour to Disneyland, watching Harry Potter 7.2 with my cousins in India, attending my friend's arangetram, and of course, my successful transfer into Supekishi and all the new experiences that brought me.
It was a pretty great year for fandom too. ^^ I ended 2011 by watching Kohaku Uta Gassen on tv for the first time. The performances were really wonderful.

For 2012 I wish you all the best of luck in all your ventures, good health, wealth, and happiness!
As always, I thank you sincerely for reading my ramblings and offering your thoughts, as well as letting me be a part of your lives. I don't post enough to warrant this (so it's my 2012 resolution to post more!) but it's a comfortable feeling knowing that if I can't share something with my peers, I can come straight here to pour everything out and still be received with open arms. I truly thank you.

Happy New Year!!
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Highlight of my long weekend

This is all until I find a quality video. ;P

The band starts at 3:04. Can you spot me at 5:38 in all my transition lens glory?
(Air horn discourtesy of the other team. They had terrible sportsmanship throughout the entire game.)

Quick review: I no longer go to "Kumaneko" High, but continue to play with their marching band because I love it so. Well, judging by my emotions throughout the football game, I guess I still might have some love for the school itself.

About the football game itself - yes, I'm going to comment about the game - it was the most exciting and intense football game I've ever seen, so good, that I payed attention to the game for most of the second half!
This was the 84th "Little Big Game" between Kumaneko and their long standing rivals, ....let's also call them by their mascots, the Panthers. It's no secret that Kumaneko is horrible when it comes to football - the Panthers' had a win streak of 5 years before Kumaneko won it in 2009...but then the Panthers took back victory in 2010. It seemed to be their win this year too...for most of the game the score was 14 - 0. Then we came back and tied at 14 - 14 and Kumaneko was going wild. I was still cynical at this point, hoping at least for some over time but when the score changed to 27 - 28 with us in the lead, I was up on my feet and screaming too. The Panthers easily grabbed another touch down bringing the score to 33 - 28 but we fought back hard and were 8 yards away from another touchdown with 17 seconds left on the clock. The final attempt was made, the football hit the receiver in the chest, and rather than falling into his hands, it bounced off to hit the ground, and the win was given to the Panthers. It was really heartbreaking -- the stands which were going crazy fell to a deathly silence. But I think after the initial shock, everyone was really happy and proud of our team for even making it such a close match. This was truly their best game of the season and now we have hopes to do better next year. :)
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It's the first of November and...!

Hi guys, I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo this year.

It actually saddens me to say this, because I had fun being a part of something so big and great last year.
But I simply have no time.
Lame excuse, but the work never stops and even if the free time presented itself, I'd use it to practice as even my clarinet is feeling neglected due to all this schoolwork. :'(

If you are participating this year, best of luck on your novel and I hope to join you next year. :)

Because release day always warrants its own post

IT'S OUT~~~~~!!!!!!

So this is instantly going on my Christmas list.
The release date just suddenly crept up on me because I stopped caring about new games when I heard they were being made for 3DS (cry) but I had forgotten all about this one! :O
The title bothered me for awhile, mostly because I thought the last game was called Last Time Travel, so Last Specter seemed redundant...and then I figured out my error. Silly me, too used to the translations of Japanese titles...but honestly I like Specter's Flute better than Last Specter...oh well.

RL: omgwheredidallthisworkcomefrom???
        oh and I fell on my hand Friday before last....nothing broken but it was really bruised...and it still isn't better and it really annoys me to keep using one hand all the time because I want to unleash torrents of curses whenever the fingers on my other hand go in different directions...moangroancomplain....
Fandoms: Watching Chihayafuru, Shana III, and trying out a few others this season. Check my list.

back to homework

Theme of the Day: Old Songs

Today at lunch, old songs from a decade ago were being played from the speakers which sparked a conversation about "oldies" between me and my friend.

I guess for that reason is why I started listening to "old" anime songs again, and then I found this one, which for some reason has left a strong imprint in my memory.

What about you? When you go back to listen to your "old" favorite songs, what comes up? ^^
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I hate my...

...bad habit of ignoring emails that say "hey, haven't talked to you in so long, how've you been?" because I think I need an undisturbed hour to formulate a well thought out and sincere response and so the distance between me and that person grows even more because I keep postponing the reply.

I have three such emails sitting in my inbox unreplied right now and I'm posting this in my journal instead of going to respond. x_x
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