Phone calls really can change lives...

Hi. I'm still here, treading in schoolwork, but still here.
My schedule is as such:
AP English
Wind Ensemble
AP Chemistry
AP U.S. History
AP Calculus BC
Japanese Honors

Exactly what I wanted and with all the teachers I wanted too so that was awesome! Work is as expected but I'm managing. (It's been 13 days and I haven't dropped below an A- in any classes yet yay!!)

Robotics is getting into the swing of things too. The other 6 leads and I have spent the entire week interviewing ~35 hopeful applicants and moving all of our stuff into a brand new room. It's been tiring to say the least.

Since I quit my youth symphony and decided to pass on Marching Band this year, I had this sort of void in my musical lifestyle which I decided to fill up by auditioning for the pit orchestra for my school's fall musical!
No, I didn't decide. It was actually on a whim. I was fighting with myself about it because of the extra time committment and the fact that I still hadn't recovered after being musically lazy all summer so I decided to be passive and not audition.
...But then my section leader (who I respect and admire because his playing is perfect) asks me if I'm auditioning and when I replied in the negative, he simply said "You should," and I was just floored by the fact that he actually thought I was good enough to play with him (etc. etc.) so I signed up at the end of that class, two days before the audition itself, and I hadn't had anything prepared.

As such, my audition didn't go spectacularly (flubbed on a minor scale and I chose a technically easy solo) so I banked on the fact that my band teacher (who is also the musical conductor) knew what I normally sounded like in class. (Or I just wouldn't pass and then that would solve my dilemma. What an indecisive person I am.)

Fast forward to just now when I recieved a call from my teacher telling me that I had a "great audition" (at which point I was like oh, okay, he's building up to tell me that I failed)...and then he asks me if I wanted to play saxophone for the show as well.
I know show woodwind players are amazing and usually triple up on instruments but he wanted me to double, really? I've never touched a saxophone in my entire life! But he coaxed me and I agreed because after such an audition, I should be happy he's even letting me play in the show, sure I'll play sax for him too.
I agreed, and he said he'd hook me up with a saxophone tomorrow and then we ended the call.

What did I just do? I think it'll be a fun challenge, but can I really learn saxophone (as well as the jazz style of music) well enough in time for the show? I could have said no, but really, when would I have ever gotten a chance to learn? I certainly wouldn't have sought it out myself.

Tomorrow this clarinetist will meet a saxophone. What shall arise from this?
xxxholic butterfly

5 days of summer vacation left D:

And only 3 days left for me to take my driver's permit test, if I want to get it done this summer.
EDIT: Not going to happen, because there are no appointments available until September.

Something my dad said along with reminding me how little time left I had was this:
"You didn't have time to study for tests while doing AP homework this summer so how do you expect to be able to study for tests during the school year with more AP work?"

I thought about it and then I remembered that my goal for the summer primarily was to relax and recharge (because I was so burnt out at the end of last school year) and in preparation for this year for which I fully plan to work myself to death. Clearly not death, but I foresee giving up my precious sleep hours and whatever is left of my sanity. Seems like I can't convince my parents of my seriousness so they'll just have to wait and see. I find it just a bit irritating that they're stressing out way more about these tests than I am. The unaffected air I carry when these topics come up is simply because having that stress on me will do no good. Though I act this way, I really am thinking about these things seriously. I'll do my best this year too.

Until Tuesday, I plan to get a day of swimming in and a full day of sleeping to catch up on whatever sleep deprivation I may have (after hopefully finishing the rest of my homework tomorrow). Come Tuesday I will put all my effort into my studies. Promise.

seeing as there's no interesting Olympic sports being shown on prime-time tonight, I may as well speed up that homework completion process

From Stanford to London (sorta)!

    The dreadful monotony of doing homework and staying home for the entire summer was finally interrupted with the onset of Tech Trek!
    Tech Trek is a math and science camp for middle school girls aimed at encouraging girls to attend college and pursue careers in math/science related fields (because something should be done about the dismal numbers of women engineers in the field). The camp is a week long sleep-away on a college campus so that girls get a taste of the college experience. Unlike most other summer camps, girls get in on a scholarship. I had this honor myself in 2009 when I was the only girl selected from my school following an application and interview process. I had so much fun that year that I definitely wanted to come back to the program as a Junior Counselor (JC), one of the 4 high school girls that help out with the various classes and serve as role models for the girls.
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The interruption of Tech Trek also interrupted my "hard-working" streak so after I got back all I did was sleep, laze around, and play Professor Layton! I finished the main storyline of Last Specter sometime towards the end of June and while it was enjoyable, it definitely didn't leap over Unwound Future to take the place as favorite game. I think I didn't find the storyline as compelling and Loosha just came out of nowhere for me. But I must confess, this game was hard!! When I finished the storyline, I didn't even have enough picarats to unlock any of the bonuses. I suspected as much judging by the rate that I lost picarats every time a puzzle came up. Is it just that my puzzle skills are deteriorating or are these some of the hardest puzzles yet? As the fourth game of the series, I'd like to think the latter explains it. Well, it motivates me to replay the game to get a better score.
  Since then I've moved on to Little London...everything in it so adorable~ >w< It's currently exceeding my expectations with its variety of jobs, re"quests", and even its own mini plotline! I'd really like to try out the social club aspect of it so here's my friend code: 5157-9634-4086 Please let me know your friend codes as well!

Besides Little London, I'm paying close attention to the real London as the Olympics continue...but that warrants a post of its own so I'll stop here for now. after all I've sufficiently gotten into enough of a writing mood to make progress on my history essay

sweet sakura

How can I not be cheery looking at this?! :D

Change of desktop, just wanted to share~

Admittedly, it was never a wallpaper in the first place, but the image was so pretty that I quickly fixed it up to suit my needs.
I also amuse myself by using a winter picture in the midst of summer...but since the weather lately hasn't convinced me of such (I'm so sorry to all of middle America experiencing the heat wave) and there's plenty of greenery wherever Maaya's at, I should think it's okay to toe the line of reason like this.
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Today I was watching a tv program* about a new game being released in Japan today called Robotics;Notes and since then I've kind of been enraptured by it.

The one to save the world is not a's an otaku!
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I started out really hyped about Robotics;Notes and at the end of the day I'm dying for the release of Rose Guns Days.

*I was watching NHK World which is pretty much the only thing I watch on an actual television. Of course something like Robotics;Notes wouldn't appear on any channel in the U.S. other than NHK. xD

P.S. I would write my impressions about Umineko but I can't really talk about it intelligently like everyone else on the internet. Basically, I LOVED IT and I'm still confused about a bunch of things but I'm okay with that and I'm an Umineko fangirl for life.  I hope Ryukishi07 will write another When They Cry series someday but for now, Rose Guns Days looks amazing.

sweet sakura

help I'm reading too much shoujo manga!

I've been meaning to write a post about the robotics championships but then my desktop with all the pictures on it died and it's only just recovered so...look forward to that post okay! maybe I'll start writing it tomorrow

Well, I'm finally on summer break whoohoo!!! Except that one month of it is practically gone already ._.;;

My Summer To-Do List
AP Chem homework
AP US History homework
AP English homework
Honors Japanese homework
Study for the SAT
Study for the JLPT (N4)
Study for my permit test/learn to drive
Learn more about electronics
Learn to program

Well, there is all is, sorta arranged in order of most to least importance. They say that junior year is a crucial period and so I'm trying to face it as so. I've been making advancements in my homework little by little everyday but I've been playing around with friends just as much so I wonder if I'm really doing enough. The fact that one month is nearly gone is pretty scary.

I do believe most of the time that could be spent on work has gone towards sleeping. I love sleeping a lot and could probably sleep for 15 hours at a stretch if I didn't set my alarm every day. My mom's been breaking my sleep pattern though by dragging me out at 6:30am to go run with her. (I compensate by crawling back into bed when we finish.) I really loathe having to get up to do something I only enjoy on good days but I know running is healthy so I set up a Fitocracy account so that I get a visual reminder that all my effort is going somewhere. If you don't know about Fitocracy, it's basically a social network where you track your daily exercise but with hints of RPG - points, leveling up, and quests! Come join me! :P

So, when I'm not sleeping, running, or actually working, I'm reading copious amounts of shoujo manga. Basically I go to some online reader and run a massive search (with applied filters) and then start reading down the list one by one. yeah...
I don't really know why. I'm coming clean's kinda embarrassing to admit this sort of thing to my friends. I totally see all the flaws that most shoujo have...but it's stopped bothering me. >.> Bishies help make everything better anyway. I say 'help' but I'm not noticing any negative side effects from this...yet. Anyway, two series I really like that I've found this way are Akuma to Love Song and Barajou no Kiss. The latter, especially, is very captivating. probably because mahou shoujo is the best shoujo

okay, that's all from me right now slinks back to find a new series to read

I love AP testing!!

...because I'm not taking any AP's this year. =w=
As such, this week has been pretty light and easy and this, coupled with the onslaught of hot weather recently, helps convince us that summer is really almost here. It's a bit strange though, since very few people in my year have AP tests, the teachers shouldn't have to adjust the workload but I'm not complaining -- I've been getting a decent 8.5 hours of sleep every night this week and it's great!

I'm posting now because of two reasons:
1) We're having auditions all this week in Wind Ensemble to get into WE again next year. Since they're done by section, the rest of the band gets a free period (to study for APs) or to derp around (like me and my friends!) I had my audition on Tuesday and I think I did alright although I didn't practice much for it. ._.;; It's probably bad to say I still hope for 2nd chair next year... >.>
2) I've finally reached a point in my uncharacteristicly busy life where I can take a breather. Now that Championships are over (post will be written soon) I have relaxing days ahead of me until finals.

So what's happened recently?
~ I was made Electronics Lead for my robotics team next year! Although I was the only applicant, I'm still happy that I get to help lead this team that I love. There's a lot of responsibility that comes with this though...
~ Our school is changing bell schedules next year which effectively gets rid of our late start Wednesdays which also means it'll be much harder to participate in my old school's marching band. Add to the fact that I've signed up for 4 AP courses next year so my parents want me to stop next year. As much as I want to continue, it seems only logical to stop...
~ I auditioned for a higher group in my Youth Symphony. The audition went really well and the director even made small talk with me but in the end I was still rejected. A guy two chairs below me was the only person in the clarinet section to make it in. I won't be returning to the Youth Symphony next year because I feel all the time spent commuting isn't worth a 4th year in the same lower ensemble.
~ My Japanese studies are progressing well, especially since my best friend has been loaning me her Chihayafuru tankobons. Since the manga is serialized in a magazine for older readers, there's no furigana beside the kanji. T.T This challenge has really helped force me to recognize more and more kanji and now I can say my comprehension is at about 50%. :D By the way, I really reccomend watching the anime. Although it's shoujo, it comes across mostly as a sports story and it's really interesting! (If you're already a fan, I'm a ChihayaxTaichi shipper ;P)

Hmm I think that's all for now. I should actually get started writing about championships heh. Hope everything is going well for everyone!! ♥

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arialogy meme

Meme from strawberrykaoru.

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Last Week of Build!

One more week of 12 hour school day madness!!
I think the robot's coming along well though there's still lots of work to be done in the debugging stage.
I don't want to reveal too much until build is officially over so I'll report on personal accomplishment instead.

Pictured below is the first piece I've worked on from conception to materialization. (Basically my first design; I had help with manufacturing.) I got a lot of positive responses from the seniors and even the mentors okay-ed it so I'm very pleased!
(Oh, it's supposed to be a router mount.)

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