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Winter Break!!!

Hooray for the holidays! I have a lot of plans none of which involve any school work whatsoever!
My list of things to do~

- Finish watching Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, then Rei.
- Watch a lot of Detective Conan
- Finish sewing my Ioryogi plush (yes, the same one back from October -_-;)
- Arrange musical scores for anime related songs (mostly Magic by Rina Aiuchi and Naraku no Hana by Eiko Shimamiya

In the middle of all that we're going on a trip to Los Angeles! Yay! And the other time will be spent lazing around.

I'm thinking of treating myself to something for Christmas and I've been eyeing the first Tsubasa artbook...hmm not certain if I really will get it but there's a high chance I'll give in during a moment of weakness and get it anyways. XD
Tags: anime, kobato, music, tsubasa

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