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Ahahaha late post. If you celebrate it, hope you had a wonderful Halloween. If you don' enjoy my pictures? :3

So my school had a Halloween Day (first time in 8 years apparently) and everyone was really fired up and wore costumes to school. I have to say though, the seniors were the most spirited. heheheh v( ' _ ' )

I went as....Kobato-chan!
Not my first cosplay....well if the failures before that count as cosplay...but this was the first cosplay in which I actually sacrificed hours of sleep to sew (Ioryogi-san is the project in question.) It's actually the first time I have ever attempted to sew something (and without a pattern at that!) so I'm quite pleased with how he turned out. My mother hopes that this is my last project due to how many hours were spent on it rather than studies. ^_^;

My cosplay didn't go very well at school though...people called me an old lady. TAT Thankfully my friend (cosplaying as Cirno) was there to comfort me.  Despite everything, I enjoyed cosplaying as Kobato very much and would love to do it at a con or something!

Anyways, I felt that I couldn't deal with more unfamiliarity while trick-or-treating that night so I switched into a yukata borrowed from aforementioned Cirno-chan.

Me in the blue yukata, flanked by my younger brother and two friends who are a fairy and a pirate. First time wearing the yukata too...I hope I did alright. -_-;

Back view. My beautiful obi tie came undone. T_T

The night turned out to be very productive as I got over 150 pieces of candy. Yummy!
Knowing me, it'll all probably last till next Halloween. XD

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