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Hey! This is actually a good one!

Thanks to the recent videos lovelessinma posted of her drawing Kobato, I was able to draw Aria using bits of her style! I'm really happy with how it came out!

*is proud* Well I'm not sure if it's really's actually a self portrait! XD But Aria really does have black hair. I made it brown in the welcome message on a whim....I should really change that soon. Anyway I'm so pleased with this picture I think I'll icon it and make it my default! :D

That's all for now.

I am still following Kobato. and Kimi ni Todoke but I don't think I'll post about them regularly. I'll most likely post if the episodes made me squee or episode 2 of Kimi ni Todoke. That scene with Kazehaya curling up into a ball and hiding his face? The whole time I was going: Ka-wa-ii, kawaii!!!! :P

Tags: artwork, kimi ni todoke, kobato

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