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Kobato. anime episode

IT'S STARTED! kyaaa!!!!

I was up so long last night hoping someone would post a raw until I finally decided to go to sleep cause of school. :(
But coming home I see tons of links are up. YAAAAAAAY!

Anyhow, I have to get through all my homework first. -_- but I watched the opening...KAWAII!!!! I was so right about....the running part. XD And I was sure she'd be running through I got the town part right...kinda...where she's in different outfits and stuff.

Anyhow I'm motivated to finish my work fast so I can watch it already! Ganbatte Aria!

EDIT: Looks like subs JUST came out. So I guess I'll have to stay up again to watch. ^^ It's okay, it's okay. It's alright. I just want to watch it soon and I don't feel like downloading raws and adding softsubs and other complicated things I don't know how to do.

I'm also waiting for subs of Kimi ni Todoke....I hope there is enough interest in fansub groups to do this one too. The opening for it is nice...pretty and mellow. :)

It was really nice to watch since I practically forgot all of the exam chapters. I definitely remember how Fujimoto was introduced and that was NOT it! LOL Speaking of Fujimoto his voice is a bit too deep I think. Anyways it was a fun episode to watch. All the backgrounds and everything were soooooo pretty! I will definitely be following this anime no matter what! Also, one last thing, that bottle is REALLY tiny. But it should be alright if the proportions of the "hearts" to the bottle are like the ending. But that means those hearts are microscopic!!! 

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