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The End of Tsubasa

or more like the "end"

I was sorely disappointed. Was that really it? You're going to leave us with so many unanswered questions and another new one to add? (concerning Syaoran's price.) Wow. just...I guess I'll have to wait for the epilouge chapter now...but it's really over. I think I'll start bawling soon. Well the disappointment was good for that. I was too shocked to start crying. I probably will next chapter though. xD sigh

So, I've read Tsubasa for 2 years and loved every moment of it....even when I was screaming in frustration. It's been so long (I've never followed anything this religiously before) that I can't really imagine a life without Tsubasa. I guess the only thing left to do is save up my monies and buy a lot of merchandise. xD A figurine would be good or something...I swear the only Tsubasa stuff I own are volumes 15 and 17. hahaha. I'd buy the whole set but I'll be seriously broke so I guess I'll do it a volume or two a year. XD


On a side note, here's what I predict the opening of Kobato. to be: Kobato twirling through the gates of her apartment complex and running around past all her friends. XD Sorry, that's the feeling I get from the op song (which is awesome). Haha, now I can't wait to see it so I can know if I'm psychic or just an idiot. :P

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