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What I actually did this summer

School starts tomorrow and so will the myriad of "How was your summer?" questions.
Since I'm terrible at ad-libbing, I prepare my answers beforehand.
Q: How was your summer?
A: It was really nice. I was able to really relax this summer. (<-- 100% truth.)
Q: Did you go anywhere?
A: No, I had relatives over instead, so the farthest place I went was San Francisco. (<---also truth)
Q: Did you do anything this summer?
A: Nope, not really. I did nothing. (<--not necessarily a lie)

But before I go around delivering the watered down version of the truth, I decided I should at least write down the full truth somewhere so that I don't start believing I really did nothing. To most people at school, I did nothing worth mentioning.
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