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New Year Meme for 2012!

I've been absent way too much on lj for the past year so I'll use this meme to cover most of it. For 2013, I'll strive to write and update more!!

As always, thank you so much for reading my rambles and supporting me through the rough patches.

New Year's Meme!

What did you do in 2012 that you'd never done before?
-participated in a full robotics build season
-Traveled to St.Louis for a robotics championship
- Took the JLPT
-got my driver's permit
- lost my valedictorian status ._.;
- Played in the pit for a musical//played an alto saxophone

Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
 aahh I seem to have forgotten what my resolution I guess not. Next year I hope to write more in my LJ, and conquer AP Chemistry so that I may regain my dignity (and so I can pass the exam too of course ;;;). I should also carve out more time to practice clarinet.

Did anyone close to you give birth?

Did anyone close to you die?
wow, this is the first winter in awhile that someone hasn't. yay.

What countries did you visit?
I stayed in my country this year, though I still did plenty of travelling with Hawaii and Missouri.

What would you like to have in 2013 that you lacked in 2012?
-more sleep plz
-better study habits orz

What dates from 2012 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
April 26th-28th, because the experience of being at a Robotics Championship was just amazing
February 18th, my first trip to Japantown
Spring Break, vacationing in Hawaii with my bandmates was a blast
ahaha I don't particularly have any memorable dates since the start of my junior year ;;;

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Uhh, I guess actually being able to pick up the alto saxophone and play for 5 shows two months later.

What was your biggest failure?
Every single AP Chem test. I didn't even know I could fail so badly at a subject I really enjoy. (52% average whoot whoot)

Did you suffer illness or injury?
Nope, except I got a really bad case of cramps so that I had to leave in the middle of a final...thankfully my teacher let me finish the next day.

What was the best thing you bought?
I mostly buy in terms of food, I bought my first bowl of pho and it was delicious!

Whose behavior merited celebration?
The country for voting Obama.

Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
-My fellow robotics leads. At the beginning we were very unsynchronized and lacking seriousness. I believe we are moving forward in a positive direction.
-Those people who have been shooting other people on the East Coast recently...especially the Sandy Hook culprit T_T

Where did most of your money go?
Food and robotics t-shirts.

What did you get really, really, really excited about?
-fandom (notably Robotics;Notes, Chihayafuru, and Sako Tomohisa)
-LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS (man I'm already getting really fired up just remembering)
-Having Japanese high school girls visit our school for a day (I practically skipped all of my classes just to guide them around. It was fantastic)

What song(s) will always remind you of 2012?
for better or for worse, One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" 

Compared to this time last year, are you:
a. happier or sadder? — sadder (more like, stressed!)
b. thinner or fatter? — fatter (lolol so much holiday chocolate <3)
c. richer or poorer? — richer (I had two short jobs over the summer! :D)

What do you wish you'd done more?
-practice clarinet ;_;
-been more proactive in scheduling driving lessons lololol
-stay in touch with people

What do you wish you'd done less of?
-english homework (sucks up all my time)
-voluntary school service (I'm still trying to understand how I'm benefitting)

What was your favorite TV program?
-"cool Japan" on NHK World can be pretty interesting too

Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
Nope. Even though my english teacher is a sadist, on the contrary, I think she's awesome.

What was the best book you read?
um. I guess Great Expectations by Charles Dickens as I did thoroughly enjoy that, despite it being assigned reading.
and then I spent my summer inhaling shoujo manga =_=;;;;;;

What was your greatest musical discovery?
ShounenT<333 (Sako Tomohisa)

What did you want and get?
- a wooden clarinet
- CCS Omnibus Vol. 1
- The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook

*want but didn't get:
-attend my cousin's wedding (stupid finals)
-enough sleep
-straight As

*got but didn't want:
-homework + stress
-low PSAT results (again) hahah

What was your favorite film of this year?
I don't really know...I guess Lincoln as quite good. Best out of the ones I've seen this year (but I really really want to watc The Hobbi an Les Miserables)

What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
Day in San Francisco (Ghirardelli Square + Japantown); Sweet Sixteen

What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
If I had actually gotten an A on my Chem final, especially since I studied so much. (lol I'm sorry, I'll stop bringing this up)

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2012?
This year I stepped out of (or perhaps further in) my comfort zone and wore skirts quite often to school. These were long ankle-length skirts so I didn't have to be extra mindful of my clothing or anything and were very comfortable for the hot summer days. In the winter, I still stick to my argyle sweaters. <3

What kept you sane?
Music, especially my clarinet.
I was probably as stressed as I was because I didn't play my clarinet very often. :(

Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Sako Tomohisa (he's really adorable!!)

What political issue stirred you the most?
I actually couldn't be bothered to care about this year's presidential election (I'm a terrible citizen) but I was very concerned for Malala Yousafzai when she was shot in the head.

Who did you miss?
-robotics alumni
-my friends from my previous school

Who was the best new person you met?
The fellow junior counselors at the science camp I volunteered at over the summer. They were all amazing girls with bright futures ahead of them. Super inspiring to be around them.

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2012:
Stop spending so much time on English homework. You can bs half of it and still get an A. Especially submit what you've written half asleep at 1 am because only then will you get a perfect score, as opposed to your well thought out pieces written at 10pm. Don't bother studying for your english final either because you're going to get a 106% on it anyway English makes itself seem harder and more important than it is, don't fall for it!

What was the nicest thing someone told you about yourself:
"You're really solid, like a rock, and you keep the rest of us from flying off into insanity."

The most touching experience you've had this year?
I'm sorry I can't remember.

What did you like most about yourself this year?
hahaha this question.
um, that I don't feel like I need a boyfriend. (' _ ')b
and being able to keep my crazy schedule from conflicting (though I had panic moments...and I'm already looking at January and seeing major conflicts :S)

What did you hate most about yourself this year?
That I don't have the competence nor the confidence to be a good leader for my robotics team...but it's a learning process.

Was 2012 a good year for you?
Yes it was. :)

What was your favorite moment of the year?
Finding out that our team qualified for Championships

What was your least favorite moment of the year?
Basically every time I felt results did not reflect the amount of work I put in.

Where were you when 2012 began?

Who were you with?

Where will you be when 2012 ends?
at home still, super excited for Kouhaku since it'll be YUI's first time appearing (right before her hiatus too ;_;)

Who will you be with when 2012 ends?
family still, but they won't be watching Kouhaku with me lol

Do you have a resolution for 2012?
oh, I guess last year's resolution was to post more. oopsie. Yes, I'll try harder this year!

What was your favorite month of 2012?
April (That's when all my trips happened...but the make-up work for school was also pretty killer)

How many concerts did you see in 2012?
I happened upon a livestream for a vocaloid orchestral concert once which was interesting...still need to convince my parents to take me to the San Francisco Symphony though.

Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
yeah probably. 

How much money did you spend in 2012?
I don't even know, maybe ~$200?

What was your proudest moment of 2012?
I guess I'm proud of the fact that I can call myself the Electronics Lead of  FRC Team #840

What was your most embarrassing moment of 2012?
During one of the show performances, I guess I got overexcited for a solo I had and I squeaked. >.<

If you could go back in time to any moment of 2012 and change something, what would it be?
Maybe I'd turn down the position of being on the school's service commission. It takes up a lot of my time. >.>

What are your plans for 2013?
Study really hard so that I get amazing scores on my SAT
Study for JLPT N3 
Actually start looking into colleges
Get those college applications done in a timely fashion (ohmygod I'm nearly done with my secondary schooling o.o)

How are you different now that the year has ended?
I don't really know. At the very least, I can say I've fulfilled last year's goal of working harder and not being lazy. (I'm taking full advantage of this winter break to be "lazy"...while at the same time managing to study.)

What are your wishes for the new year?
That it brings everyone good health, wealth, and happiness. Especially lots of the last one.
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