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Phone calls really can change lives...

Hi. I'm still here, treading in schoolwork, but still here.
My schedule is as such:
AP English
Wind Ensemble
AP Chemistry
AP U.S. History
AP Calculus BC
Japanese Honors

Exactly what I wanted and with all the teachers I wanted too so that was awesome! Work is as expected but I'm managing. (It's been 13 days and I haven't dropped below an A- in any classes yet yay!!)

Robotics is getting into the swing of things too. The other 6 leads and I have spent the entire week interviewing ~35 hopeful applicants and moving all of our stuff into a brand new room. It's been tiring to say the least.

Since I quit my youth symphony and decided to pass on Marching Band this year, I had this sort of void in my musical lifestyle which I decided to fill up by auditioning for the pit orchestra for my school's fall musical!
No, I didn't decide. It was actually on a whim. I was fighting with myself about it because of the extra time committment and the fact that I still hadn't recovered after being musically lazy all summer so I decided to be passive and not audition.
...But then my section leader (who I respect and admire because his playing is perfect) asks me if I'm auditioning and when I replied in the negative, he simply said "You should," and I was just floored by the fact that he actually thought I was good enough to play with him (etc. etc.) so I signed up at the end of that class, two days before the audition itself, and I hadn't had anything prepared.

As such, my audition didn't go spectacularly (flubbed on a minor scale and I chose a technically easy solo) so I banked on the fact that my band teacher (who is also the musical conductor) knew what I normally sounded like in class. (Or I just wouldn't pass and then that would solve my dilemma. What an indecisive person I am.)

Fast forward to just now when I recieved a call from my teacher telling me that I had a "great audition" (at which point I was like oh, okay, he's building up to tell me that I failed)...and then he asks me if I wanted to play saxophone for the show as well.
I know show woodwind players are amazing and usually triple up on instruments but he wanted me to double, really? I've never touched a saxophone in my entire life! But he coaxed me and I agreed because after such an audition, I should be happy he's even letting me play in the show, sure I'll play sax for him too.
I agreed, and he said he'd hook me up with a saxophone tomorrow and then we ended the call.

What did I just do? I think it'll be a fun challenge, but can I really learn saxophone (as well as the jazz style of music) well enough in time for the show? I could have said no, but really, when would I have ever gotten a chance to learn? I certainly wouldn't have sought it out myself.

Tomorrow this clarinetist will meet a saxophone. What shall arise from this?
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