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5 days of summer vacation left D:

And only 3 days left for me to take my driver's permit test, if I want to get it done this summer.
EDIT: Not going to happen, because there are no appointments available until September.

Something my dad said along with reminding me how little time left I had was this:
"You didn't have time to study for tests while doing AP homework this summer so how do you expect to be able to study for tests during the school year with more AP work?"

I thought about it and then I remembered that my goal for the summer primarily was to relax and recharge (because I was so burnt out at the end of last school year) and in preparation for this year for which I fully plan to work myself to death. Clearly not death, but I foresee giving up my precious sleep hours and whatever is left of my sanity. Seems like I can't convince my parents of my seriousness so they'll just have to wait and see. I find it just a bit irritating that they're stressing out way more about these tests than I am. The unaffected air I carry when these topics come up is simply because having that stress on me will do no good. Though I act this way, I really am thinking about these things seriously. I'll do my best this year too.

Until Tuesday, I plan to get a day of swimming in and a full day of sleeping to catch up on whatever sleep deprivation I may have (after hopefully finishing the rest of my homework tomorrow). Come Tuesday I will put all my effort into my studies. Promise.

seeing as there's no interesting Olympic sports being shown on prime-time tonight, I may as well speed up that homework completion process
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