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Today I was watching a tv program* about a new game being released in Japan today called Robotics;Notes and since then I've kind of been enraptured by it.

The one to save the world is not a's an otaku!

It's touted as an "adventure game" which by Japanese standards means visual novel with choices that affect the plot. The story is about a high school robotics club struggling to stay afloat while they build a robot for competition. Do you see its appeal for me now? xD It's practically the story of my dear robotics team! Except the club in the story wants to build a gigantic bipedal robot and in the midst of it all they find some documents relating to a government conspiracy. So, in the end, they're just a cooler version of my team.

The program also had interviews with the developers and it was really neat to hear what kinds of things they thought about while making the game. It seems they especially wanted to focus on realism so they did a lot of research and talked to robot-building professors so that the robot-building portion in the story was fairly accurate (i.e. a bipedal robot needs thick legs to support its weight vs. the slim sleek legs shown in anime) among other things in the story. wait, this game even includes the realistic challenges to building robots? <3 The company tries hard to make the science portion accurate because this game is actually the 3rd installment to the "Science Adventure Series" and each game is made up of "99% science and 1% fantasy." The two other popular titles in the series are Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate.

I think Steins;Gate just very recently finished its anime run and I didn't pay much attention to it then but after learning about this game and the people behind it, I think I'll definitely give it a shot. Rather than Steins;Gate though, I just really wanted to play Robotics;Notes already! The project director addressed my concerns there; While they'd love to bring the adventure game genre to an overseas market, Robotics;Notes is very Japan-centric, so they'll try for the overseas market with their next game. Darn. =3= However, there's hope yet -- an anime will start airing in October!! Hooray!!

So after I finished watching tv, I naturally ran to the computer to satisfy my curiosity. There seems to have been a Steins;Gate visual novel translation patch at one point before work was halted. This was quite disheartening since I thought Steins;Gate would be a great novel to try next (I've been on a visual novel high since I finished all 8 novels of Umineko earlier this month and I have never been so proud of myself.) I was actually severely disappointed that I wasn't going to have anything new to read visually until I checked 07expansion's homepage for updates about their latest work Rose Guns Days. The trial will be released online on July 6th which happens to be close enough to revive my hype about games and distract me from Robotics;Notes because whatever Ryukishi07 writes is genius.

I started out really hyped about Robotics;Notes and at the end of the day I'm dying for the release of Rose Guns Days.

*I was watching NHK World which is pretty much the only thing I watch on an actual television. Of course something like Robotics;Notes wouldn't appear on any channel in the U.S. other than NHK. xD

P.S. I would write my impressions about Umineko but I can't really talk about it intelligently like everyone else on the internet. Basically, I LOVED IT and I'm still confused about a bunch of things but I'm okay with that and I'm an Umineko fangirl for life.  I hope Ryukishi07 will write another When They Cry series someday but for now, Rose Guns Days looks amazing.

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