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help I'm reading too much shoujo manga!

I've been meaning to write a post about the robotics championships but then my desktop with all the pictures on it died and it's only just recovered so...look forward to that post okay! maybe I'll start writing it tomorrow

Well, I'm finally on summer break whoohoo!!! Except that one month of it is practically gone already ._.;;

My Summer To-Do List
AP Chem homework
AP US History homework
AP English homework
Honors Japanese homework
Study for the SAT
Study for the JLPT (N4)
Study for my permit test/learn to drive
Learn more about electronics
Learn to program

Well, there is all is, sorta arranged in order of most to least importance. They say that junior year is a crucial period and so I'm trying to face it as so. I've been making advancements in my homework little by little everyday but I've been playing around with friends just as much so I wonder if I'm really doing enough. The fact that one month is nearly gone is pretty scary.

I do believe most of the time that could be spent on work has gone towards sleeping. I love sleeping a lot and could probably sleep for 15 hours at a stretch if I didn't set my alarm every day. My mom's been breaking my sleep pattern though by dragging me out at 6:30am to go run with her. (I compensate by crawling back into bed when we finish.) I really loathe having to get up to do something I only enjoy on good days but I know running is healthy so I set up a Fitocracy account so that I get a visual reminder that all my effort is going somewhere. If you don't know about Fitocracy, it's basically a social network where you track your daily exercise but with hints of RPG - points, leveling up, and quests! Come join me! :P

So, when I'm not sleeping, running, or actually working, I'm reading copious amounts of shoujo manga. Basically I go to some online reader and run a massive search (with applied filters) and then start reading down the list one by one. yeah...
I don't really know why. I'm coming clean's kinda embarrassing to admit this sort of thing to my friends. I totally see all the flaws that most shoujo have...but it's stopped bothering me. >.> Bishies help make everything better anyway. I say 'help' but I'm not noticing any negative side effects from this...yet. Anyway, two series I really like that I've found this way are Akuma to Love Song and Barajou no Kiss. The latter, especially, is very captivating. probably because mahou shoujo is the best shoujo

okay, that's all from me right now slinks back to find a new series to read
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