aria_san (aria_san) wrote,

I love AP testing!!

...because I'm not taking any AP's this year. =w=
As such, this week has been pretty light and easy and this, coupled with the onslaught of hot weather recently, helps convince us that summer is really almost here. It's a bit strange though, since very few people in my year have AP tests, the teachers shouldn't have to adjust the workload but I'm not complaining -- I've been getting a decent 8.5 hours of sleep every night this week and it's great!

I'm posting now because of two reasons:
1) We're having auditions all this week in Wind Ensemble to get into WE again next year. Since they're done by section, the rest of the band gets a free period (to study for APs) or to derp around (like me and my friends!) I had my audition on Tuesday and I think I did alright although I didn't practice much for it. ._.;; It's probably bad to say I still hope for 2nd chair next year... >.>
2) I've finally reached a point in my uncharacteristicly busy life where I can take a breather. Now that Championships are over (post will be written soon) I have relaxing days ahead of me until finals.

So what's happened recently?
~ I was made Electronics Lead for my robotics team next year! Although I was the only applicant, I'm still happy that I get to help lead this team that I love. There's a lot of responsibility that comes with this though...
~ Our school is changing bell schedules next year which effectively gets rid of our late start Wednesdays which also means it'll be much harder to participate in my old school's marching band. Add to the fact that I've signed up for 4 AP courses next year so my parents want me to stop next year. As much as I want to continue, it seems only logical to stop...
~ I auditioned for a higher group in my Youth Symphony. The audition went really well and the director even made small talk with me but in the end I was still rejected. A guy two chairs below me was the only person in the clarinet section to make it in. I won't be returning to the Youth Symphony next year because I feel all the time spent commuting isn't worth a 4th year in the same lower ensemble.
~ My Japanese studies are progressing well, especially since my best friend has been loaning me her Chihayafuru tankobons. Since the manga is serialized in a magazine for older readers, there's no furigana beside the kanji. T.T This challenge has really helped force me to recognize more and more kanji and now I can say my comprehension is at about 50%. :D By the way, I really reccomend watching the anime. Although it's shoujo, it comes across mostly as a sports story and it's really interesting! (If you're already a fan, I'm a ChihayaxTaichi shipper ;P)

Hmm I think that's all for now. I should actually get started writing about championships heh. Hope everything is going well for everyone!! ♥

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