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Spiffy-fying my lj!

If I don't think about tsubasa ending, it's not so ba--

Okay I'm stopping there. Anyhow Idk if you've noticed (of course not, hardly anyone reads this thing XD) but I've been putting pretty graphics everywhere such as in my profile, and my kawaii mood theme, and even a bunch of userpics of which I had 0 for the longest time.

As I've been running around collecting these pretties I'm finding many familiar faces- er, usernames such as kyoy  and jlarinda to name a few. Of course I'm stabbing myself for forgetting where I've seen them but I'm quite sure it was clamp related somehow. (Actually kyoy is @ a forum I am a part of.)

So the point of this post?


She makes the most BEAUTIFUL icons ever! At this moment, all of my userpics were made by her. She is just awesome that way.

yeah that's it, but check it out!

Tags: anime, clamp, pretty graphics

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