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Because release day always warrants its own post

IT'S OUT~~~~~!!!!!!

So this is instantly going on my Christmas list.
The release date just suddenly crept up on me because I stopped caring about new games when I heard they were being made for 3DS (cry) but I had forgotten all about this one! :O
The title bothered me for awhile, mostly because I thought the last game was called Last Time Travel, so Last Specter seemed redundant...and then I figured out my error. Silly me, too used to the translations of Japanese titles...but honestly I like Specter's Flute better than Last Specter...oh well.

RL: omgwheredidallthisworkcomefrom???
        oh and I fell on my hand Friday before last....nothing broken but it was really bruised...and it still isn't better and it really annoys me to keep using one hand all the time because I want to unleash torrents of curses whenever the fingers on my other hand go in different directions...moangroancomplain....
Fandoms: Watching Chihayafuru, Shana III, and trying out a few others this season. Check my list.

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