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Once a Bearcat, Always a Bearcat

  The first football game of the season between Kumaneko and Supekishi happened yesterday. I decided long ago that whenever this happened, I would cheer for Kumaneko because their band was my first "band family" so I really wasn't torn about which side to be on. (Marching Band members are automatically members of the Pep Band). I was slightly anxious though since so many people from Supekishi would be attending the game (and it's an away game for them too.) However, it does one no good to worry about what others think of you so I donned Kumaneko's spirited bright orange pep band shirt and went to go sit in the stands with my "family" to enthusiatic approval from my bandmates. Once in the stands, I was greeted with a hug from my childhood friend/current crush who found my position very ironic but was nonetheless glad to have me here. I think he was ominously thinking something along the lines of "You'll never escape from this school~" ^^;;;

  I don't care for football at all. That being said, the game was really fun. It was the first time this year that I got to spend so much time with all of my band friends, and playing at a football game too so it was very nostalgic. My fears were not ungrounded though. Several times throughout the game, Supekishi students would come over to the Kumaneko side to meet their friends and as they were saying hello to their band friends, they'd spot me sitting amongst them. xD Then there was the initial reaction of confusion and then outrage, levels varying depending on the person. I found it all very hilarious and entertaining actually. Especially this one guy from my history class. Three separate times throughout the game, he'd come over to the Kumaneko stands and start yelling at me for "being on the wrong side" and calling me a "traitor" and such. I found it all very amusing, to tell the truth. In the end, he came to the conclusion that I was playing for the pep band so that I could get into the game for free. The truth is, I could care less about school politics and pride, all I want to do is play my clarinet. :x

Also, I've always wanted to try this meme. I don't really have the rules but basically it's to write a letter to a person for each day.
You can either send it to them (anonymously or with your name) or keep them to yourself. On this day you write a letter to:

Day 01. Your best friend

Dear Lissie,
I told you I was going to the game on Friday, but I never specified which side now did I? :P Despite your light insults upon realizing which side, I know you still love me anyways because we've been together for so long. Don't worry, I still like Supekishi better but that's mostly because you're there. I'm really really happy that we go to the same school now (and have a class together!). That's probably the best part right? After 8 years (plus the one year we were apart) and we finally have a class together! I think you understand only too well when I run over to you whenever there is group work assigned. xD Though we may have different friends and not much time to see each other, I know I can count on you to be there for me like I'll always be there for you (even when we're 40! xD).
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