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the tale of how my computer came back from the dead

How to explain my unannounced hiatus...I do believe a picture speaks a thousand words:
That would be our poor desktop computer. Shortly after coming back home from Disneyland, our computer started acting up. Well, for awhile it had been randomly shutting down while making strange noises during our sessions but at one point it just suddenly blacked out and refused to boot back up. (Thankfully, I could not be blamed for any of this because I was too busy try to tame the piles of make-up work invoked by the trip.) After much raging at computer manufacturers and the like, my father, being the technical computer guy he is, decided that instead of replacing our computer with another machine that'll break down in 3 years, he'll go about fixing it himself. He's a software engineer by the way, so he's only had about a year or two's worth of schooling about hardware aspect of engineering. I think it says a lot about how much faith I had in my father since I wasn't freaking out about all the precious files that we might have just lost. Actually, my insane amount of schoolwork may have helped to dampen this shock.

The next several weeks had my dad spending many evenings sitting on the floor with the computer opened up in front of him, like in the picture. At first he thought our hard drive was screwing everything up so he went online and bought a new one. By online, I mean, we still had a laptop left in the house. I should have updated my livejournal then to explain the situation, but I honestly thought repair wouldn't take too long and I wanted my first entry since coming back to be about Disneyland. Unfortunately, the laptop can't upload pictures so I couldn't make much headway into writing that entry.

Well, the new hard drive came and didn't improve anything. Next, my dad decided that a Windows system update caused the error so he wrote to Microsoft about it and they sent him the Windows 7 installation CD. This didn't help much either. After much more tinkering and researching on the internet, my dad concluded that the fan on our graphics card had died, causing the card to fry, and so he ordered a new one. I guess the 3rd time is the charm because that fixed it! Even better was that my dad was able to recover ALL of our files (thanks to our external HD)! Our hardworking desktop was back to normal! \o/ ...Well sort of. It's actually back to normal and better than before! :3 While he was attempting to fix the old fan, my dad managed to install the new hard drive he had ordered alongside our original hard drive which gave us an additional 226 GB of space. Also, our computer was now running Windows 7. ♥♥ It was like our computer had died and reincarnated into a greater form! /silly thoughts.

So all this took about a month, maybe more. Then there was time spent on make-up work and finals. Even after all that, there's still a month's worth left of unexplained absence. The reason for that is just me being plain stubborn. However, I decided to swallow that stubbornness and admit defeat today by writing this entry.

The reason I didn't write for so long is because I wanted my Disneyland post to be the first thing in my journal after I got back.
*gets shot*

P.S. The last few weeks having been spent writing that post but it's been really off and on because I keep getting writer's block along with other things. I'm really sorry for making you wait so long.
m( _  _ )m
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