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very quick! >.

Ahh right after LJ settles down a bit after those...server attacks/issues, I don't have much time to post anything!! T_T (The problems happened during my spring break, so whenever I wanted to go on LJ it told me the site was down. -.-)

Spring break was pretty uneventful though - I slept a lot, read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, studied math (aldfjalskdf I hated this part of break), and played with my brother who seemed to be stuck to me with glue (this got very annoying, fast.) I did get to meet up with some friends a few times so that part was good. :)

But anyways, I'm disappointed that I don't have much time to write because I should be packing!! Tomorrow, our marching band (along with orchestra, symphonic band, and jazz band) is taking a trip to Disneyland!! :D We'll be gone for 4 days (missing 2 days of school heheheh) and get to spend 2 days at the park! We'll be performing a bit, but other than that we just get to play around! I'm so excited~~.

Well, at least now you're guaranteed plenty of content for the next post. xD I'll try to take lots of pictures too!

P.S. We have to get to school tomorrow at 5:30am in order to depart. (The travel time itself is 8 hours since we're going by bus.) >.< I want my sleeep~~~
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