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Ramblings in this Confusing Time

Warning: This won't be a well organized entry considering it's pretty late at night and I'd save this for tomorrow but then I'll keep doing that and these thoughts will never get written down. I should make a goal to post once a day or something.

I'm supposed to be doing school work and studies and everything right now. But I can't concentrate at all. I keep checking news sites and fandom sites and trying to confirm everyone's safety in Japan. So far it's all positive news about people but there are still so many from which there is no word. I have high hopes though that Japan can bounce back from this. They aren't Haiti. I hope the recovery is quick and painless. There's already too much pain. I hope everyone pitches in to help. I want to help too. But what can I do? I will try hard to find something.

Ah! But one good thing came from it all! (nono just kidding, it's completely unrelated >.>) I have a Japanese penpal now! Actually, the day of the earthquake/tsunami, I went over to my friend Natsu's house where I was treated to a very delicious traditional Japanese lunch! Rolls, spam musubi, korokke, quiche, tofu, cha~ yum~~ it was all so good!! *A* And I had a lot of fun practicing my japanese with her family-- ahaha her mom was so shocked! From the first "Hajimemashite" I said after she opened the door she seemed to keel over in shock, she completely disappeared behind the door! I was nervous too, what had I done?! But she emerged soon enough, smiling in wonderment. It's then that I came to realize that I love Japanese people and their expressiveness.
Oh! But about the penpal: One of Natsu's friends in Japan wanted to talk to one of Natsu's friends and so Natsu asked me if I wanted to correspond with her. I said yes of course! Her name is Kanako and it seems that the area she lives in did not shake much (if I'm translating her messages right...) so everyone is okay and everything is okay to the extent that she still has school tomorrow. ^^

I'm dubbing next week as "Hell Week". Who knows what the school work will be like but the next weekend will be quite the musical stress for me. On Saturday I'm participating in a Solo/Ensemble Festival and then on Sunday I have my annual clarinet exam - level 6. Of course, I'm nowhere near "confidently prepared." So I will practice like crazy this week. I'm prepared to push aside my schoolwork for this (I've already set aside my extra studies and so my father is really angry with me T_T) and so this is why I've dubbed it Hell Week. If only I was better at managing my time and everything. This wouldn't happen. I really need to learn.

For better news, I was made section leader of clarinets at school. :)
I was really overjoyed. For the audition, I thought that the only way I could outdo everyone was through my expression of the music. It seems it was for that same reason that I was chosen. Hahaha, it's really great, I'm so glad! ;w; (My rival on the other hand became 2nd clarinet 2nd chair. I feel sorry for her, but looking at the current arrangement of the clarinet players I think she's in a fitting place. The only surprising placement was that her sister is 1st clarinet second chair. She's a very good player too, but she didn't seem so motivated. Anyways, I think I'd rather sit next to her. She's also in marching band with me, unlike my "rival" who recently pronounced that she doesn't like musical activity much anyways. Why was I so worried about her in the beginning? *disgust*)

Ahh also, for my birthday (waah seems so long ago, but it was mid-February) I gave myself a makeover! Hahaha not really, but I needed new glasses and the time they came coincided with my birthday. I also had been wishing for a haircut for months and so I decided for all the changes to take place during my birthday weekend. I'm happy with the way it turned out! I'll post pictures later ehehehe.

Hmm, there must have been lots more I wanted to talk about but I always forget when I postpone my entries for so long...AH! I finally made myself an....ahh what is it called? oh my that means it's really late (nonsense! just 10:30 pm) if I can't remember ;^; ehh it's called...MSN!! That's what it's called!! Ah I got one, but now I find out I can't access my account?? I can't remember my username/pass right now...but I wasn't going to give my info till Hell Week was over so...until then, hope that I can find it! ^^;;
EDIT: FOUND IT!! But yeah, I'll give it after next week because I really shouldn't be chatting with people during such a busy time. ^^;

go to sleep aria!!! D:<
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