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I honestly believe that fandoms bring me true happiness

I started typing this while sitting outside the library waiting for my mother to pick me up. I realize that if I just start writing an entry everytime I'm stuck someplace without wi-fi, I'd probably end up updating more often. :D

I also noticed my last post was completely devoid of fandom updates so I guess I'll just put them here:

PL: I finished Unwound Future a month ago and just like everyone else, I absolutely loved it. It was also great because I realized I hadn't had anything spoiled at all! Every single plot twist was surprising from Don Paolo to Future Luke. As I mentioned before, it seems like all the stops were pulled out for this game and I think this is true for the storyline as well. I felt like this storyline had a lot more underlying themes and issues that connected with reality, politics and animal testing to name a few. There was a lot more depth to the story with the addition of these not so happy elements. It was a really interesting way to go and it brought you more into the story since you feel closer to their time I guess. All the cut scenes in the game made me really fangirl happy as well. I think one of my personal favorites was Don Paolo's past although the casino scene was great too! The minigames are a lot more challenging this time around - I'm trying to do all the parrot deliveries without getting hints from the comm. xD I think I'm doing well...4 more to go!
To sum everything up: This was my favorite game and I'll likely replay it many times.

Anime: D: If my calculations are correct, it's been an entire 5 weeks since I've seen a new anime episode. And by this, I mean I haven't watched anything except a few episodes of the NANA anime to refresh myself with the series since I brought home the live action movies from the library. The movies were pretty good - I think they paid a great attention to detail in set and costumes, but I still prefer the anime. :P
But anyways, I really hope I'd stop getting assigned essays so that I may enjoy some KnT!! ;_; I'm procrastinating on my English essay as I write this >.>

Oh! Also, I found an anime from my childhood: Oyayubihime Monogatari! Has anyone heard of it? x3 I owned the edited English dub movie version under the title "Thumbelina" and used to watch it several times when I was around 6 years old. xP I remembered it again just the other day and I had fun researching it on the Internet, finding out it's Japanese title and everything. YouTube also has the full Japanese opening and several of the original episodes as well so that was an exciting find! And of course, in the end, I burrowed around in our house until I pulled out my old VHS of Thumbelina.:) I'm so glad I didn't lose it! But anyways, lesson is: Investigate the fond memories of your past every now and then. You might come to appreciate them more now that you're older!! :)

I think that's all from me for now. I think I'll updating from school some time (during one of those lonely lunches when my friends are all at club activities), this mobile livejournal could turn out to be quite handy! :D

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