March 10th, 2013

laughing, YAY!!, :D

Guess who's going to Championships again...

and needs to fundraise upwards of $8000 to make it work...we do!

Meet OG-9*, not only a consistent cross-court frisbee shooter, but also a winner of last weekend's Central Valley Regional.

First regional win in the history of our team and I am so proud to have been a part of it, supplying fresh batteries all the way up to the finals. (Throughout the entire 3 days my electronics never had a single major issue...score!) All that build season angst and misery really paid off. (My grades still suck but I'm working on them.)

I'll put up a video of our robot in action soon...just waiting for a video of the final match to get uploaded.

*Star Wars reference because we arbitrarily decided our team would have a Star Wars theme this year.

OT: This weekend I had a concert with the school district honor band and my annual clarinet test. My embrouchure is in so much pain. ;_;

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