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I'm in such a Layton mood right now...

But of course...Unwound Future comes out TODAY!! :DD

But I have to wait until Christmas for it because my mother wants to get it for me. She refuses to let me buy it myself too. It's because on Christmas, she never knows what to get me, so now she wants to hold on to the solution for this year...oh mother. xD

Obviously there's been an explosion of posts over at professorlayton . I'll probably lurk around the spoiler-free discussion thread while I wait for Christmas. xD
I contributed to the posts as well! :D The highlight of this week was traveling to San Francisco with a good friend of mine to attend the Ladies vs. Gents event! :D
My post covering the event can be found here. :) (too lazy to copy/paste)

Nothing else of importance to report...
so keeping in vein with the theme of the post...
I leave you with a picture of an authentic British phone booth. /random

Credits for pic go to my father who was in London for a business trip...last month? xD
Tags: fun, video games

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