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I'm still alive~

School's been pretty uneventful and busy at the same time. So I've been unable to post and had nothing to post anyways. Does that make sense?

Work load is still light :) though classes are now in full swing. Oh, with the exception of my English teacher. Her class is REALLY steaming ahead with 3 projects on my plate, weekly essays, and now we have to read The Odyssey. Thankfully it's shorter (and more interesting!) than the monstrosity of it's elder brother. =.=

I don't think I've said anything about the song we're doing in Marching Band? It's titled March of the Mortersons by Chernetsky...something like that. It's a nice little challenge. All the parts have incredibly high notes which is surprising, and the rhythm is kinda funny. Or maybe just because I'm playing the harmony and that always sounds weird by itself. xD

We're going to Disneyland to perform in the Spring!! :D So we're doing a cookie dough fundraiser right now. I've never really participated in fundraisers but I feel kinda fired up for this one. xD I think it's because they told us to go ask the teachers and I was like "Cool, I can do that." So now I've already gotten an order from my English teacher! At least I was able to contribute a bit. :)

Aside from high school, I had my first Japanese class this Tuesday! I tried to be really confident, but walking around that college campus in the evening was kind of eerie and it was kind of hard for me to enter the classroom. So many adults in there!! And there's always that awkward pause as you scan for empty seats. I just walked straight across the classroom and luckily found a single empty seat at the far end. I missed a lot of empty (probably better) seats in the middle, but I don't think I would have been able to sit next to a stranger that day for 3 hours. xD

The teacher, Conway-sensei, is a plump little japanese woman probably in her 40s? I like her. Her speech alternates a lot between English and Japanese which I find kind of interesting. She's always asking Daijoubu? when this is supposed to be a class for absolute beginners. xD She has two teacher aides (I find it surprising for a professor to have aides like that o.O) Jonathan and Ashley. Yes, Japanese is the second language for both of them. Jonathan spent the last couple years living in Japan and Ashley recently took a trip there and she's been studying for a long time.

First we learned introductions, and three types of bows. We watched a video about Japan and then practiced the vowels and Conway-sensei sang to us "Irohaneto." I know I spelled that wrong, but it's the poem that utilizes all of the hiragana. Then we wrote our names in katakana and learned our numbers as well as phrases to use the numbers with. So we asked each other's birthdays and everything was fine. Then she asked us to turn to our partner and tell them your phone number. You could immediately feel the atmosphere tense at once. I feel really bad for the people she selectively called out on to tell their phone number, which she then wrote out on the board. :/

Class wrapped up early since not everyone had their textbooks. (ehehe whoops ^^;) Seems like this course will be spent on learning how to say some phrases and writing hiragana. Seems like a breeze since I know all my hiragana but it's not bad to review and maybe I'll find more efficient ways to do things since this time the teacher is a trained professional and not me. XD I'm totally loving the homework right now though: "Find japanese music you like and share with the class." :DDD
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