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I have bits of turf on my bed...

...because they clung to my clothes from the field, not letting me forget the past 3 days so soon...

Ignore the parts under the cuts if you wish to avoid me being extremely childish and biased. ;)

Today was, by far, the best day of band camp!! :D

But first, the mandatory description of orientation.
It....was anything but fun. But maybe because I've had this deep hate for the school smoldering within me and having a bunch of upperclassmen wearing school colors and singing the school cheer at every opportunity is not helping all.

Reasons why I hate dislike the school:
- It offers only French and Spanish (those are cool languages, don't get me wrong, but I'd like diversity plz)
- (last reason actually, but it's a big one) The school is BIG on Performing Arts, which, true, means yay for the music department, but goes NUTS when it comes to the Drama Department. And there's nothing I loathe more than Drama. Specifically, the people who take drama. I have never, in my entire life, had a positive experience in anything concerning the drama department. The people are worse. They're extremely self-centered, not serious at all and just....I can't stand them. Well except for one, and that's because he's my childhood friend (think preschool). But there are times even with him that I get extremely pissed and wonder if I should cut ties with him.
- AND, I feel as if these drama people will disrupt the learning by just being in the environment and >w<
I don't know if I should call this a phobia or what. I honestly don't try to hate them. I won't judge them immediately if they were in the drama dept. or appreciate drama (which is all my friends btw), I just don't have the best of interactions with them. /rant over.

Just random other reasons I didn't want to go here but these don't count for anything:
- All of my best, super close, like sisters, people who understand me, friends are not attending.
- the test scores are so-so
- ....they don't offer japanese *sob*
- Their "spiritedness" REALLY scares the crap out of me /childishness over, no wait, not really

For future reference: Our school colors are orange and black
Also for future reference: I don't intend on wearing those colors often. Which sucks because orange is my favorite color....I think I'll just wear orange on those non-spirit days. Why do I need a school telling me what color to wear? psh.

So, I made sure to wear PURPLE to orientation which consisted of waiting in huge lines, all to get our picture taken really (for ID cards). Then, we were led as a group by some hyperactive upperclassmen to various classrooms where we learned a bit about each subject we would take. I didn't learn anything new other than the layout of the buildings. THAT was really helpful because no one ever bothered to give us a map and I was definitely going to be lost on the first day. When we finished with that, we killed time in an empty classroom with ridiculous games and were then led out to the "Quad" where we joined a mob trying to get at their schedules and ID cards. I don't like my picture on my ID card, btw. My face looks fat. XDXD

My schedule looks something like this:

0 Period: Marching Band!
1st: P.E.
2nd: Algebra 3
3rd: Bio 1 (Boo, I wanted Chem)
4th: Intermediate Band (I wonder if I can make it to Advanced Band this year?)
5th: Advanced Standing English (I think, I'm writing this from memory)
6th: Health
7th: wheeee I don't have a 7th period! \o/

I'm pretty happy with it. :D I don't think I can get a better schedule. 'Cept, you know, it'd be nice to have friends in those classes (after comparing lots of schedules I found I only had health with a bunch of people. xD) But THAT I can deal with. Well I have to deal with everything the entire year anyways so that's not saying much. xD
um...skip the rest of orientation because it's too boring to continue talking about.
By the way, my locker is on the 2nd floor....which is really the 3rd floor because there's a ground floor. I don't ever want to be late for school and run up all those flights of stairs. D:

I rushed over as soon as I could get away and found everyone at the field. Only two other people came with me. The rest bailed. So we had a nice little section of about 5 people compared to....8? Well make that 4 because a newbie that actually came had to leave early. But then we had a member from the Percussion (junior/senior??) section voluntarily come over and we had 5 people again! :) We only had to modify our field routine slightly but everything still worked out. After practicing for a bit, the whole band got together and each section performed. Of course the skill level varied depending on if each group had any new marchers or not but I think our routine was pretty nice. I hope we gained some points with our silly ending pose!

Afterward we had the Band Olympics! There were several different events that we competed in as sections and received points for. There was a time limit of 3 minutes for each event. These points would be totaled up and added to our points from the field routine and the group with the overall amount is the winner. The events (which don't have official names so I'm making them up) were:

Shoe Toss: Members lie down and kick off their shoes while one person tries to catch them all in a bucket.
Orange Pass: Members pass around a cold orange...using only their necks. Yes, this one can look extremely awkward most of the time.
Disney Trivia: Title is straightforward yes? The band director asks us various questions about Disney movies and Disneyland. I was able to contribute a few points here. :) We got 10 out of 20. XP
Under the Legs: Members form a tunnel with their legs spread apart and members continuously scramble through the tunnel.
Lifesaver on a Toothpick: Members hold a toothpick in their mouths and try to pass the inner-tube shaped candy between toothpicks. Results in very awkward and intimate looking poses as mouths get dangerously close. XDXD
The "Trombone" One because I honestly don't know what to call it: A relay race. Members must first grip a trombone and spin around it 8 times, then attempt to run in a straight line towards a shoe which you pick up and run back to the start with. Only after you pass the line may the next person start spinning. My head still hurts from this one.

...and that's it! I had SO much fun doing all this, I wouldn't even be able to believe how much fun I'd have 2 days ago. All these really brought us together as a team section and I feel as if I know everyone really well now. I was able to participate in random games (during break time) normally. Basically, I really felt like I fit in here. :)

In the end, the clarinets didn't rank at all. Low Brass section took first, Percussion second, and Flutes third. Of course, to us, clarinets are still the best! ;)

Random: I GOT REGISTERED FOR MY JAPANESE COURSE!! dances around like crazy Class starts on the 24th! :3

P.S. I'm leaving for a small pre-school vacation tomorrow so I won't be able to access LJ for a few days.
P.S.S. I have not yet learned a band command that involves counting up to 3. xD
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