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Everybody loves Ghibli :)

A warm welcome to dreamdischarger  whom I met over at the Umineko friending meme. :) I really need to work on my "About Me" section of my profile, so unfortunately you'll just have to guess at my personality and interests as I post. I hope I don't bore you with my ramblings and I hope we become great friends! :D

Last Friday marked the last day of my summer "job"! As soon as the last kid home the entire staff went out for....linner? We debated about this a lot. It was basically "a meal eaten at 4:00".  Please enlighten me if you know what that's called. xD
I have to say, this whole experience was...amazing. I learned a sense of responsibility and all those standard skills...but I really learned how to interact with little children. I'm not used to it at's generally something I leave to a friend of mine (when we're at Assamese gatherings) since she really enjoys it. So it was really weird to have kids calling my name (in all different ways due to the tough pronunciation xD), vying to hold my hand when we go for walks to the park, and running up to me with a game as soon as I arrived that day. Of course, all that took time (probably a month) for the children to be comfortable around, that's wrong...for me to open up and be comfortable around the children, but when it happened, the days were a lot more fun. It really helped boost my self-esteem. :)
It also helped me to set things up like this. >:3
(With 3 singing, at least one should know the lyrics)

Afterward I met up with some friends at the library to discuss the Iliad (yes I finished the book!!!) so it was a while before I got home. When I did, I opened up the notebook I had been tallying all my volunteer hours in to add up the last bit. The grand total came out to be...

184 Hours!

So now I have one week left before school starts...:/ not even really. I have to go to school tomorrow, and the next day and the next, but THAT'S ALRIGHT! :D Because those days are used for the long awaited...BAND CAMP!! Well I'm excited because it's sure to involve music, my clarinet, and other instruments. (With those, it doesn't take much to make me excited. xD) However, other than that, I have absolutely NO idea what band camps are about. I just know they're ridiculously short too. (3 days can't possibly be enough! D:) I'm a bit nervous though...not because I'll probably be the only one from my school there, but because my dad will be picking me up late....meaning I have to hang around an unfamiliar campus in an unfamiliar city for half an hour while seniors come to register. /dies I should go find myself a nice unnoticeable corner...or beg the director to let me hole myself up in the music room (they're such nice places.)

Recently I checked out every Ghibli movie the library had on the shelf (which is 3, the rest had millions of holds). I figured it was high time to start watching them. gasps Well it's not like I've never seen a Ghibli movie...more like, I've never seen one in its entirety and therefore wasn't able to enjoy them properly. I always saw them in bits and pieces when at people's houses and during kindergarten daycare and such. The only movie I think I saw the most of was Howl's Moving Castle. Actually, I've probably seen all of Spirited Away (in say, 5 sittings) but since I was in Kindergarten, I don't remember it at all. D| It doesn't help that my parents have never heard of Ghibli.
So last week I sat down to watch Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro (of course!). I forced my 7 year old brother to watch with me so that he wouldn't have a deprived childhood like mine. He was very averse to it ("Those are baby movies!") but couldn't help his curiosity since he had seen those titles at the daycare (Yeah, we went to the same daycare. xD). Now he wants to watch Totoro again. :)
We're going to watch Whisper of the Heart next, after which I'll promptly return to plunder the library again. (Come on people, return those movies!!)

Speaking of library, I DID manage to get the Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo book. I'm about 8 pages in. XD But I can't help but feel bliss whenever I see it and thumb through the pages to look at the pictures.♥

That's it for now, next I'll probably give you my impressions of band camp.
I hope everyone is doing well! :D
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