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Look at what I found! :D

Recently during the camp, we've been taking the kids to the local library (my idea! :D) so they can unwind a bit and hopefully learn a little something.

Since we confine the kids to the Children's Room and have to supervise them there(obviously), I didn't bother bringing my library card. After all, I've outgrown the children's room. (Yes, really.)
But I can just kick myself now because look at what I came across while browsing the children's japanese language section. (I was reading the titles for practice.)

afsgdhsgdhdhk Can I just say I effing love our library?<3

Sorry for the sideways pic, phone camera and all...

You know, I'm seriously considering to read this book in its entirety. I think it'll be great practice since I already know the story and the bright color pictutes will keep me from getting discouraged (and bored) because of a wall, erm page, of japanese text. The book itself is pretty thin too...It's perfect! 8D

So now I'm plotting to zip away as soon as I get off of work tomorrow and ninja the book away before dashing off to meet some friends. I would have gotten the book later today (during the time there are only like 2 kids left) but I found it really awkward to ask my teacher if I could run to the library and back....and even more awkward to ask my mother who thinks I invest too much time in this "hobby" of mine.

I really don't want to wait till Monday either...I feel like it will slip out of my grasp. XD

So now I must carefully prepare for tomorrow....

Tentative plan:
-Make lunch beforehand and store in fridge
-Go to work
- While returning from park, ask if I can zip into the library for 2 seconds while the kids play at the fountain (in this way, not really neglecting my work)
- grab book, finish supervising
- dash home, eat premade lunch
- get ready to greet friends

Haha the lengths at which I go for this book. But planning things out like this is half the fun!
Now I should probably sleep to be ready for tomorrow~

EDIT: Well we took the kids to a different park today rather than the park next to the library so I had to give it up for today. I'll probably go pick it up after clarinet lessons tomorrow~  :D

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