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In which I review a couple animations

2nd to last week of my summer job! I think I'm really starting to feel the strain after weeks and weeks of doing this (well this is the 6th week. :P) because I feel abnormally tired when I get home these days. I can see it in my teacher too, he's a bit more tense these days. It doesn't help me that I'm suddenly very popular with the kids and they all want to play with me. I'm very unused to such treatment from little kids so I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. ^^ They're all little dears, just very energetic and stubborn. :P

Random: Today my teacher gave me $20 as "appreciation". He thinks his free lessons don't compensate for how much I help out. I was and still am thoroughly bewildered. I of course did the asian thing and refused it as many times as possible but he wouldn't hear of it. Now I don't know if I should deduct volunteer hours from my total (since I shouldn't get paid!) or if I should just accept it as a gift. thinks hard
I told him that the money would probably go towards buying the new Layton game. He said he doesn't care and "likes to share money." o.O

Besides that, all last week I decided to stop being an unsocial otaku shut-in and called over a bunch of friends. It was really nice since I hung out with someone practically every other day. The only downside was that I kept putting off my extra summer work (math :P) and therefore irritated my parents greatly. ^^; But I caught up in about 20 mins, listened to a 2 hour lecture, and it's all good. :D I should take care not to do that this week though, since my friends are planning to get together at my place this Friday.

Last Friday, I went with a friend to watch Toy Story 3! That's the second movie I've seen in theaters all year which is most likely a record since I normally see 0 ~ 1 movies in theaters every year. I don't know why. That's just how our family rolls. Besides, it's much more comfortable to sit on the couch with a blanket like you can do with rented dvds. XD
So about the movie (We saw it in 3D btw), I really enjoyed it! The 3D part was kind of lame imo. It was hard to detect most of the time. It was only during the previews that I noticed it the most! xD But I'm glad the glasses are cooler and not those interesting half red/blue lenses.../rambling SO THE MOVIE! I only saw the first movie years ago but when this one started I became very reminiscent and started remembering all these little details such as "Where's the Etch-a-Sketch?!" The whole film was very cute and PIXAR did a great job at showing everything from a toy's perspective.
Other things:
-- The first time the Totoro doll popped up, I couldn't contain myself and kept pointing at it (even though I was "spoiled" about it beforehand). XD Everytime after that, I kept internally squee-ing every time it came up. And it got a surprising amount of screentime. <3
--- The ENDING. I'm actually a pretty big softie. I've noticed that I cry pretty easily, especially when I read books and watch movies. So when Andy started giving his speech about Woody being a great friend...I couldn't help myself. Hooray for theaters being really dark! :D
--- The ENDING ENDING a.k.a the credits. "You've Got a Friend in Me" sung in Spanish just about killed me. XD
---And I loved the whole full circle effect from the cloud wallpaper to the clouds in the sky.
I don't think this'll be my last trip to the theater this year though...I still have to see HP7! >:D
(Inception will probably wait till it comes out on dvd...sorry. :P)

I basically spent the entire weekend staring at a screen and learning the basics of shading from an incredibly artistic and talented friend (via IM). The result is the picture is the previous post. /says no more.

And YESTERDAY, thanks to my friend's constant fangirling and lack of new episodes to watch, I decided to go watch the Black Rock Shooter OVA. Please don't hurt me, but I've never actually seen/heard the Black Rock Shooter PV until AFTER I watched the OVA xD. While I do enjoy Vocaloid, I'm not a fanatic and I'd take the Nico Nico Douga singer covers over the originals any day. XD At one point I probably did listen to the first 2 seconds of BRS, get paranoid about how earsplittingly high Miku's voice could get, and shut it off. XD At the very least, I can recognize her with that distinctive outfit. Anyways, I decided to watch the OVA to see if it would help me understand the hype just a bit. :P
I LOVED IT. Even though I plunged into it without knowing much, I guess I didn't need to since it starred an OVA original character (I think?). Starting with the well known situation a girl starting high school helped me settle in with ease and helped me watch through the BRS vs. SomeCoolEvilGirl (I'll call her Evil!Yomi) Dead Master fight scenes which I figured the fanbase knew much more about. So, basically, I was in it for the friendship story but towards the end I started paying more attention to the action scenes (which seemed to take place in an AU featuring the AU versions of the two main characters.)
I don't want to give much away so I'll just say this:
-- The star motif surrounding the main character Mato was really cute! It was such a subtle way to say "Look, she's important. See the stars? She's definitely connected to BRS somehow." LOL But really, the stars looked good. *3*b
-- My favorite character is probably Takanashi Yomi and her AU counterpart...probably because her personality is more like mine and I easily sympathize (or is it pity?) with those quiet, socially awkward characters. (Hey~~ remind you of anyone? xD)
--- The story was told in a very fresh in the way the OVA was structured....I don't really want to give it away...
--- I would definitely watch a sequel!!
So, I highly encourage you to check it out if you have the spare time. As you can see, you need no prior knowledge of Black Rock Shooter to enjoy it. ^^
Oh, and I watched the PV after I finished the OVA....I didn't miss much. Miku's voice isn't particularly amazing and I didn't understand the deeper meaning of the lyrics AT ALL. ^^;;;

Expect another post to come shortly containing a surprise!

Originally it was scheduled for this post but I'm on the wrong computer and I need to upload the file and blah

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