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My favorite octopus is retiring...;w;

Though the FIFA World Cup is long over and people have stopped talking about it by now........I still need to give my two cents about it!! :P
I'm not a huge soccer fan, but I can watch soccer games (unlike baseball games....I can't tolerate those at all) and so I tried to watch the few knockout matches that I could. (The other games were held during work). I found it very interesting and fun...though I think all the hype about Paul helped a bit. I completely became his fan after just one correct prediction (and after reading his Wikipedia page). xD I don't know why exactly....he just fascinates me. *_* I was very sad to hear that he won't be back for the next World Cup, but thinking about it realistically, I guess octopuses don't live that long. :( I hope he has a happy life from now on.

As for why this really late post about it all? I was lazy? XD Yes, probably, but also I've been very tired these days. I don't know if the work is getting harder (doesn't feel like it) but I would just come home, turn on the fan, and lie around. I guess it must be the heat then. :/

So! Another thing I've been putting impressions for the Summer anime season! Without further ado, let's begin!

Kuroshitsuji II
This was the show I was most looking forward to since I'm a big fan of the series (and Ciel especially♥). I wasn't really sure what to make of it during the months leading up to the first episode since it was to be completely anime original but since Toboso Yana was involved in it (even if only doing the character design) I decided to give it a shot.
The first (half of the first) episode didn't really sit right with me. I thought, maybe I'll have to drop this series after all? Then the mysterious cloaked man appeared and the moment he started speaking I knew all hope was not lost! xD (I surprised myself, I didn't think I knew the character's voices that well. o.O)
The second episode was alright. At least they showed what a stark contrast Ciel and Alois are, personality wise. I wonder if Maaya is still voicing Ciel? She should be...but sometimes his voice sounds off....or maybe I don't remember it as well? o.O

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi
The fact that the opening is by May'n surprised me! I kinda forgot about her after Macross Frontier which is quite shameful since I love her voice. This song is no exception! As for the series, I'm enjoying it very much! I don't see much of a plot, but there's a full cast of quirky characters so that makes up for it in the mean time. Every episode is fun to watch! ^^

Amagami SS
....Someone remind me again why I'm watching this? It's not bad or anything...I've watched the first 3 eps. But it's not really interesting either. :/ I can't complain, since it's mostly fanservice for guys, but I was kinda hoping for a story in there...somewhere? Or maybe it's because I don't like the current heroine much. The anime is divided into arcs for different girls so....I'm waiting for one in particular. I like her because we have the same hairstyle. xD (First anime character I've seen and she keeps her hair more controlled LOL) See?
My hair is seriously that messy and curly. 

Also, someone should slap me and tell me I'm watching too many anime series at once! Aside from the above three, I'm still keeping up to date with Kaichou wa Maid Sama!, watching Clannad ~After Story~, and just recently started watching Ristorante Paradiso since youtube was broken on my phone and I only had the Crunchyroll app to use for anime. Sooner or later, one will have to be put on hold...I don't know which one. =.=

Random: I finished playing episode 1 of Umineko...I feel so accomplished!! It feels like it took me forever~ @.@ (24 days to be exact) I think the fun starts in the next episode though~ :3

Hmm...was there something else that I wished to say? I don't remember. So I leave you with a meme I found at strawberrykaoru . If you wish, please fill it out~.
I look forward to reading your answers~♥

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