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A second loaf is in the oven

HAPPY WORLDWIDE TSUBASA DAY!!!!!!!!!! I'd make this all sparkly but I don't know how orz

I'm in such a hyper mood, I think if you stick just a little Tsubasa into my day, my mood will instantly brighten but when there's a WHOLE DAY full of it...<333

I'm not sure if it was a good or bad thing that I had school today....well I had a bad day at school but it wasn't as bad as it could have been because I was feeling all Tsubasa-floaty-happy. (<-- what is this word I don't even)
School, obviously I couldn't create much of an uproar (they'd send me, the normally very quiet girl, straight to the asylum) so I showed my spirit by carrying around two volumes to read at random times between classes and like this:

:P I was very proud of it. it also felt like the Dark Mark was on my arm, from Harry Potter? I would secretly conceal this underneath my sleeve and then show it whenever I bumped into a fellow fan, like the Death Eaters would do with the Dark Mark. xD
I also managed to introduce the series to another friend (during Math class :P). I had to give a lot more spoilers than I would have liked, but she's genuinely interested and said she'll start soon. (After Higurashi that is. :D)

Once my fellow fans and I got to my house....well our schedule wasn't as organized as my last post. I was pretty much prepared for this concerning that my friends aren't as hardcore fans but we did end up talking about Tsubasa a lot. It consisted of leafing through the volumes and reminiscing about what happened here and there and ooohing and ahhhing over all the pretty art again. XD I also passed around printouts of lexi_nyanko 's haikus obviously, but we never got around to writing our own. Oh well, at least my friend is inspired to draw a fanart of Syaoran crossdressing. xD
My bread turned out to be a hit, they finished off the whole loaf! :3
Now my parents told me to make another one so that THEY can have their fair share. It was less of a hassle to make this time around because I actually had enough sugar all ready.

I'd call it a pretty successful day! :3
How did you celebrate?
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