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1st cup of tea shared, you are a stranger. 2nd cup, honored guest. 3rd cup, you are family.

Hello. I've decided it's okay to post now and then even when nothing amazing happens. I know, I'm so slow.

School stuff first since it'll always be a big ominous force in my life: We're going to take our state tests this Thursday which obviously I'm not looking forward to. I really wouldn't mind actual finals instead. o.o At least there would be a point to them? Otherwise these tests are issued so that they can compare all the different schools around the state, the scores themselves don't affect us whatsoever. (Unless everyone fails horribly for about 5 years straight at which point the government steps in to "reform" the school. It's actually happened at some place close by.) Main annoying part of the test is that it covers ALL the material you need to know that year. That's all fine and dandy but we still have a good month and a half left. Another month and a half we normally spend learning. Meh. I'll stop there.

I finished reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin for a school project. It's REALLY good.
Basic premise: As Greg Mortenson attempts to make his way back towards civilization after failing to climb K2 (the second tallest mountain in the world), he stumbles upon the small Pakistani village of Korphe. These people have hardly anything to help themselves yet they pool together their resources and nurse him back to health. Overcome with gratitude, Mortenson decides to build a school for these children. As he makes valuable friends while struggling to raise funds, Mortenson realizes that children all over Pakistan are in need of his help too. He then goes on to found the Central Asia Institute (CAI) with the goals of improving life in Pakistan. This is achieved in many ways from building schools to building pipelines so that villages have access to fresh water. By the end of the book, over 40 schools are built despite issues of money, culture, and his status as an American in Pakistan when America's War on Terror begins.
I'm expected to give a talk some time this week on the book. Yes, the above was pretty much ripped straight from the talk. I know I'm horrible at writing summaries. ;_; I feel somewhat ready but I'm really feeling the pressure for time. We get 4 minutes max and that's nowhere near enough time to talk about this amazing book. Really. I highly encourage you to buy/borrow/obtain this book and read it. It's very enlightening. :)

Also I'm feeling pressure because this other girl gave her talk today on the exact same book and it was really good. What creeps me out is something she said word for word that I had written. It's scary because I only wrote down my speech yesterday (at home) and had it peer reviewed by a close friend. o.O sigh Looks like I'll have to go back and revise it once more....

Random: While preparing for my talk, I decided to relieve some stress and go talk to my 7 year old brother about the book. His teacher read the children's version Listen to the Wind aloud to them some 4 months back. When I asked him if he remembered it, he thought for a moment and responded "I think so. It's the kids version of Three Little Teacups right?"
XD Thank you brother. I really needed that laugh. <3

Spring anime I'm following: Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! and...I was thinking about Angel Beats! but I've only seen one ep. My main priority is to finish Nodame Cantabile Finale.
Random thoughts about KWMS!:
~It's very refreshing to start back at the beginning because the manga is very far ahead at the moment.
~The anime has also shown me how shoujo the series is. Not that it bothers me but it's kind of in-your-face shoujo, something I never really felt from the manga. I'm guessing it's due to the bright colors and super fast developments between Usui and Misaki. This is what I feel anyways.
~The character design is...interesting. I really don't know what to make of it. More good than bad I suppose.

o.O Looks like I DID have stuff to say. I started writing about 3 Cups of Tea on a whim though, but I really implore you to check it out:
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